Monday, January 11, 2016

WEEK 20 Jan 11, 2016 The Land of the Gasy People-Bye Invandry-Hello Analakely and gem collector!

WEEK 20 Jan 11, 2016
Crazy week! I said goodbye to the people in Ivandry the first days of the week which was way sad. We went to Herimael and taught him and his wife about the plan of salvation. He said the closing prayer and broke into tears asking our Father in Heaven to bless us with safety.The spirit was so strong and he and his wife plan on getting baptized in about two weeks. I asked President Foote if I could go and he said yes, he is way cool! 
Wednesday I went on a split with Elder Pinson for a day as we waited for our companions. On Thursday I started working in Analakely! The area of Ankorandrano was split and I inherited the Analakely part with Elder Tiu! These past couple of days we have been contacting and contacting with little luck. We have a lot of return appointments but the people are somehow always busy, quite amazing actually *sarcastic*.  We did meet some really cool people though. We knocked on this one door and this lady answered. We gave her the info about us and this guy walked out of a room and came out. I waved to him and he said hello in English. I responded in Malagasy as that is just what we do. He then said. "Oh sorry I dont speak Malagasy"... to which I responded in Malagasy because its just natural when talking to people! Eventually the English came out and he let us in and we started talking to him. Turns out he is a gem collector and he has a great business going. We asked him if he wanted to learn and he said yea sure. You teach me something about your church and I'll teach you about gems! Way cool!
I RECEIVED ONE OF YOUR PACKAGES!!!!! Love the hot chocolate and the smiley gummy fruit snacks! I will keep an looking for the other two.  Still no Christmas package.
So besides that, there has just been a lot of knocking and people saying oh umm next time! Little do they know that we remember... and we will come back... and knock again... but the work has been great with Elder Tiu! He is also from California and really good at the language! He has been out a little over a year. 
Well things are still going great. Language is really improving! Absolutely loving it here! 
Elder Bowen 

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