Monday, January 25, 2016

WEEK 22 Jan 25, 2016 Lots of contacting-Soccer on Fake grass-crocodile farm today!

Another one in Madagascar! And I am feeling much better this week. So this week was similar to last week which started out with a lot of contacting! Way fun! We contacted for most of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday and got a couple of lessons and have some return appointments so that is great! Then on Thursday we had a zone activity! We went and played soccer at this field that has grass! Well, fake grass but its better than dirt with pot holes! On Friday and Saturday more contacting and finding some new people. On Saturday we teamed up with our elders quorum president and he took us around to find the inactive members. So I guess there are a lot of member in our area that are inactive so we are turning our focus on finding them and reactivating them.
The house, apartment, is awesome! The 2 new guys are really cool. Next transfer should be really cool though if I stay in the same place. We should be getting a trainee and that is the only one we know for sure right now.  I think the temple will be very soon for these people.  We will help prepare the way. 
Still waiting for those two packages.  I might have Christmas in June!
This next week is looking to be a good one! More return appointments and now we know where more less actives live. But besides that, there wasn't really a whole lot that went on this past week. Today will be an exciting one for sure... so for p day today we are going to a crocodile farm. There are a bunch of animals there I understand but mainly crocodiles. .......and I guess you can buy a live chickens and feed it to them! Freakin sweet! Hopefully playing with lemurs there too.
Another great week to come! 
Elder Bowen

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