Monday, March 27, 2017

WEEK 82 Legendary team of Lake, Bowen, and Lalaina!!!

Another great one!

So this week we had some great times. This Tuesday we had an MCL with President Foote. Discussed some things about the mission and what we could do to be more productive. Then after that we went out and taught a family that Elder Lesch and I tracted into while we were on splits. we talked to them and they said they almost didn't let us in because they thought we were J Dubs, common thing here in Madagascar. We had a great talk with them about the church and they said they would love to get a Book of Mormon. Sadly we couldn't teach Liva and Tahiry because of their child being sick and they were at the doctors for a while. 

Then on Wednesday we tried changing our schedule and going out to work in the morning. We taught a family that came to church this last week. Turns out they used to come to church but then they moved. Shortly after that the church was built where it is now, they didn't know for many years it was LDS, but now they do know and they are coming again. So we went out in the morning on Wednesday and on Friday to teach them and then tract.  Sadly we didn't get too much luck in the morning so we will probably return to the usual schedule of working in the afternoon and night time. 

On Thursday we had an awesome zone meeting where we talked about using time wisely, a good skill to have. We also talked about accountability. We mainly focused on chapter 8 in Preach my Gospel. One thing that we have seen with the new change in key investigators is a stronger desire for the work and more love for the people. We are no longer counting lessons, but we are spending the time to get the people to come closer to Christ. A huge change in the work has been seen by us and a lot more excitement for the work.

Then on Sunday we had a cool experience. We went to a time at around 8:00. They weren't there but their neighbors said they should be back soon so we waited. We were sitting outside their house when one of the neighbors saw us and invited us inside to sit down. We talked to her and apparently she was contacted by the missionaries a little while ago but couldn't be taught because no man was available to be present. Luckily she lives right next to a member family so we set up a time to teach her with the family. Even though the people didn't show up, we were right where we were needed. 

Well this week looks to be a good one. We have a zone activity coming up here so you will see some pics from that. But for now here are the pics of the legendary team of Lake Bowen and Lalaina!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

WEEK 81 COWABUNGA BRO-Elder Lake - church is true!

Hey everyone! So this email will probably be a little shorter! Sadly I got a little sick this week and that hindered the work but this week was still awesome!

On Tuesday I went on splits with Elder Lesch, South African. Awesome dude just out of training. We had some awsesome lessons that we tracted into. Sadly they weren't there for their return times this Saturday but we will try and stop by again on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I got sick due to some bad meat (that's what I think it was). It tasted good going down but didn't want to stay... yeah so then on Thursday we got the news that Elder Tshetu is getting emergency transfered and I got ELDER LAKE! So Elder Lake and I have been having a great time so far. 

On Sunday we had  a bunch of investigators show up to church. Liva and Tahiry showed up and also our other awesome family. Both on track to be baptized this next month. Then we went out and had some awesome lessons, even though the last one the lady tried to turn it into a bible bash. No no we didn't bash with her but shared the message and mainly focused on the family. Still was a great lesson according to us and we came out with stronger testimonies so successful as always haha. 

Today we went and played soccer and sadly the Elders lost... 

And tomorow we look forward to an mlc with President Foote.  

Mission keeps flying by! But it has been great and only gets better. Teaching lessons where people try to oppose only strengthens my knowledge of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith restoring Christ's church. I love this mission and I know this church is true. 

Pics of the ninja warrior path and us in a taxi going to soccer.
Elder Bowen


Monday, March 13, 2017

WEEK 80 Salama Dahole! - Cyclone - Elder Ellis knowledge

Yes there was a cyclone this week! Crazy amounts of rain and really high winds. Luckily no one was hurt and nothing was broken. So that hindered the work on Tuesday night and Wednesday due to people calling us and telling us not to come haha. The work picked up after that. Here are a couple of highlights from the week!

So from our new knowledge from Elder Ellis we went out on Tuesday to find some new solid investigators. The best time of the day was with this one family we have been talking to for a while. We taught them about the Gospel and talked about faith. Then we stressed the importance of coming to church. They said they would come to church this next week. He went on telling us he wants the best for his kids and his wife. He told us that all of the churches they have been to haven't been too good for them. We told him that he would find the right one next Sunday... then we testified to them of the truthfulness of the message and we ended up reviewing the restoration with them. Awesome time! 

Sadly our star investigators couldn't learn this week due to the rain on Tuesday and there was a little accident at an activity on Saturday and they didn't come to church. We were worried for them but Elder Tshetu said that if they see the church is true then it won't be a problem. So we are praying for them!

Then we set a baptismal date for Kiky, Odette, Clara, and her daughter. They came to church and Clara even brought her husband, who has been having problems lately. We went and taught them and they said ok let's set a date! They almost put it for this Saturday but due to the dads work schedule, they set it for April 15, a week after the transfer ends. Then we proceeded to teach Clara's husband  as he hasn't really been in the picture for a while and it was basically Clara and the family teaching him, it was awesome! 

So that's the update on those guys. This week we went knocking and finding, and we found some awesome new people. We have some great follow up times this week, some splits, and a zone conference to look forward to. We prayed hard this last week to find new families to teach and we found! Elder Ellis said it many times and now we find ourselves saying it a lot, that God is a God of miracles.
Have a great week errrbody! 
Elder Bowen


Monday, March 6, 2017

WEEK 79 Loholona Ellis-Transfer staying-We won soccer-7 baptisms!

Another great one this week! So this week was a little hectic due to transfers. This Tuesday and Wednesday Elder Lingani said goodbye to some of our members and investigators. Then on Thursday I went on splits with Elder Shoemaker. We went and worked in his area but it is still in my branch since our branch is split with 4 Elders. On Friday we had a mission conference with Elder Ellis! He came and gave us a great lesson. He talked about how God is a God of miracles. How we need to trust in his power and push the work even harder and find those Golden Families. That night I went to another area and did a Baptismal interview for some other elders.

Saturday came around and it was the first day with my new comp, Elder Tshetu. He is also from South Africa. He is awesome and we have been getting along great. Turns out we were both into a lot of the same things from before the mission and we both have a great desire for the work so needless to say we get along. So Saturday we had an awesome English lesson with our class and then later we attended the baptisms for our branch. 7 baptisms! It was great and everything went smooth. At night we went out to work. We visited Mamy and went over the baptism interview with him but sadly he didn't come to church this Sunday so we will postpone his baptism for the 25th probably where he can get baptized with our other amazing family which we taught that night. We taught them the Law of Chastity and luckily they are already married by the law. But they saw the great importance of the lesson and really enjoyed it. Our awesome member help was hilarious. He went a little too in detail about his temptations before his baptism but it made for a good lesson haha. Then they came on Sunday and they brought all of their kids! Great time! 

Today we went and played soccer and yes the missionaries took it today. We beat the Antananarivo Ward 2-1 today. So there's another one for the Elders.

Sorry but no pics this week. Card got wiped this last week so we will be recovering that this week hopefully.

Everyone have a great week!
                                           Mission Conference with Elder Ellis from the Seventy