Monday, April 25, 2016

WEEK 34 April 25, 2016 ...6 kg FISH, youth activity, no cyclone

Another great week.
So Elder Wootan (my comp) and Elder Anderson are about to go home.... so this week had some goodbyes in it... which means way good dinners!!!!!!  So that explains the subject of this one. Last night we had a dinner with Abel (one of the councelors) and he bought us a 6 kg fish! Probably the best fish I have ever had. Just chunks of boneless meat which is wayyyy nice. So we completely stuffed ourselves last night.
So this week we had some more investigators come to church! We had Felix, who is a little bit new. He is a friend of Abels and he told us when we first met him that he had been looking for a church that he can attend. He is a little slow with the lessons but he receives them well. He came to church with his two kids. His wife still isn't really sure about us but Felix said she would come around soon. Then we had our guardian family come but the father still has yet to come. We aren't too sure what to do with him. We have gone through all the lessons twice and have taught many times about the importance of church so hopefully he will soon come to see the importance of it. 

 This Saturday we had an activity with the youth of the branch. We all went to a lemur park! They had emus! Just your usual youth activity where you go hop in the back of a truck, see some lemurs, and pet some emus.
That's about it for this last week. Today we are going to go play volleyball on the beach with some people from the ward. The expected cyclone missed us!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Bowen
Our ride!!!!

Which path shall we go.....? with a hitchhiker

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