Monday, May 2, 2016

WEEK 35 May 2, 2016 SHARK!!!

Glad to hear about everyone doing great at home! Another great week up here but a little slow. Elder Wootan is officially gone and left this past Sunday!!!! yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!! jk jk is and was awesome. But now I have Elder Connor Cooley and Elder Todd Olsen is new too! Hopefully I will be killing him too! (that means his last transfer). He has two transfers left in his misison and he is way cool! Great transfer ahead.
So not a whole lot going on this week. We had some great lessons and quite a few goodbyes to members because of Elder Wootan heading home. So, we have our family that we teach and they are doing good. Still waiting for their marriage papers to be finished and we are currently running back through the lessons. Really going over the importance of them now and making sure they fully understand them. Only thing is the parents haven't come to church for this past little bit. The mom is usually pretty good about coming but the dad never comes. Hopefully this next week we will make things pretty clear for him so he can fully understand.

Then we have our other guy Felix. He is way good and diligent. We felt so bad because we were supposed to teach him last night but we were late and he wasn't there. We saw him at church and he is just awesome. He comes to us and says, "I am ready to receive blessings in my life and I know this is how!" True!!!! Awesome guy.
Then our other great guy Andry. We just started teaching him but he takes notes and asks great questions. He not only wants to learn but he wants to understand. Therefore, he asks questions about some really in depth things. We were teaching him about the Book of Mormon and he had so many quesitons about it. How it came to be, what it is about, and other things. The greatest questions.
So now you may be asking why is the subject SHARK? Well it's to get you all to read this because who doesn't read something with the subject of SHARK! suckers!  jokes jokes actually that was the Sunday night meal: rice, cucumber and shark. Sr Hardy is a champ at cooking it and we love it! I love this area! I hope everyone has a great week!

Looking forward to our SKYPE Saturday!
Elder Bowen

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