Monday, July 18, 2016

WEEK 46 BEST Birthday with emails and BBQ! Fianarantsoa is great! but cold

First off huge birthday wish to my pops! Happy Birthday! And thank you to all those who sent me some birthday wishes! Way awesome getting into the cyber today, opening up my email and seeing a bunch of birthday wishes! Love you all! And for those of you that didnt.... still love you too hahaha.
So yes currently killing it here in Fianarantsoa with Elder Nelson. It is cold here!  The only way to get warm is to get under a blanket or in a hot shower. The branch keeps getting better and better and we continue to pick up awesome investigators. Here are some of the highlights from the week...
So Tuesday we went and taught Roje, the stallion. We continue to walk in on him studying out of The Book of Mormon and he has the greatest questions. Our last lesson we really focused on the Book of Mormon as he had many questions regarding Joseph Smith and the coming forth of the book. Then this last Sunday he made it to church again and he was early! Champion! We got him a copy of the newest Liahona (church magazine) which he has already started reading. He truly is a star investigator. Then that night we met with Adonis, our recent convert. We talked with him about the priesthood and about missions. He said that he really wants to serve a mission. He said that would be something he would like to do even if its down the road a couple years. Awesome guy!
Then Wednesday we met with a member that was less active for a bit. His name is Pierro. He is the coolest old guy youll ever meet. He is kind of shy and he tends to rabbits, grows and sells them. He has a very simple life and he loves the gospel. We always go into lessons asking him if he has any questions and how his reading is going in the Book of Mormon, and he always has way good progress. His eyes aren't the greatest for reading so he has this old magnifying glass that he uses to slowly read. We taught him about the priesthood our last visit and talked with him about the responsabilities of it. After the lesson we came to find out he has yet to receive it! We talked with him about his activity in the branch and he said he would love to receive it to pass the sacrament. Awesome man! Then that night we went and met with Fara. Fara is a part member family. Her husband and daughter are both members but she had some problems with the story of Joseph Smith. We went and taught her this last time about the Book of Mormon and tied it in to the Restoration of the gospel. That was probably a spiritual spike in the week as the spirit was so strong in their little house. She continues to read the Book of Mormon and they continue to have family prayer. We are just waiting for that testimony of hers to really explode, and we see it getting stronger and stronger everytime we visit.
Thursday we had a good day with follow up times and meeting some old investigators we haven't taught in a while. Good day. But Friday was a shorter day. So I woke up feeling a little sick and didn't really think much of it but it slowly got worse as the day went. We got to our first time and then second time and then we had to come home due to the sickness. Then Saturday we took a sick day... worst days because you are stuck in the hosue when you could be outside teaching! But Sunday came and we were good enough to get out again so it started with church and then after church we went for a lunch barbeque at the south african's house. Yes a BBQ. So they texted us last week and invited us over for a birthday celebration for my birthday and for Elder Monsen. We went over and they had a BBQ grilling steak for us!!!! Literally was the best birthday celebration ever. And they even got us presents haha. Wood carved pens with our names on them! Way cool. awesome awesome family. So that was the highlight of the week hahaha. Great time!
Well again thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. I'll send some birthday pictures home next week of the eggs and flour that are probably coming my way... but for now here are some pictures from the week!  
Elder Bowen

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