Monday, July 11, 2016

WEEK 45 July 11, 2016 Elaine, Teaching lots of kids, love the members!

Manahoana dahole! 

So this was another great week. highlight of the week was dinner with the africans... so on my way up here I was talking to some elders that had served here in Fianarantsoa before. They said that they used to have dinner with a family from south africa (white people). Sadly the missionaries had lost contact with them for a while but last Monday as I was walking out of a store I heard someone say "excuse me! are you the mormons?" and it was them! So we arranged to have dinner which was last nights meal and ohhh, it was so good. But Elaine is the mother's name and she said she loves and feeds the missionaries because we remind her of her son. She says that if she takes care of us here, then some mom will take care of her son in Thailand. Way cool and she has been doing this for 8 years! Awesome family.

So besides that, lessons were great this week. We visited Adonice, our recent convert, and we gave him his copy of the Book of Mormon with the other standard works. He was wayyy happy and couldnt stop flipping through the pages and smelling it. He received the priesthood this last Sunday and he is as happy as ever.

So star investigators of the week are Roje and Ganette. We started teaching Roje about two weeks ago and he hasn't missed a week of church. when we came for our lesson last Friday we saw him with the Book of Mormon out and the panphlet and he was studying. we came in and he is just full of questions but he accepts the answers and he does his homework. I don't know how he could get any better! Ganette is a lady that we started teaching a couple of weeks ago also. Whenever we go we teach around 7 people and usually there are 3 that are new. We go to teach and kids just start coming in and when the room is full they stop. And speaking another language in front of a bunch of little kids is hard... they are so intimidating!  But when we went over it was Ganette, one of the usual guys, and a bunch of kids. The time before when we met we shared the story of Joseph Smith. We gave them the panphlet and asked them to read it as homework  and they read it and had questions for us when we showed up! Seriously the best.

The branch here continues to grow and get stronger. This lest week we went out with our Branch President Naina and we taught him/helped him give some blessings to people. The members in this branch are very faithful and they love this church. I love being here in Fianarantsoa with these awesome members. The youth should have a trip coming up here as they sold sandwiches this last week as a fund raiser to take a trip to what im guessing is a nearby natural forest. But things here are all good. Madagascar is great and i love my mission. President Foote should be coming up here this week so look out for pictures! 

Fantatro fa Marina Ny Fiangonana! 
Elder Bowen 

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