Monday, October 24, 2016

WEEK 60 Transfers-Staying in Fianarantsoa-the field is ripening!

Another great week! So sorry for not getting out a big email last week but we took a little adventure that took up all day.  Here are some pictures so you can all see what we did...
Some changes this week! So this last Tuesday the aps called telling Elder Snow that he would be leaving Friday to go to Tana to be transferred. So that came and the week consisted of saying a lot of goodbyes. Then last Saturday we got the transfer news that I would be staying here in Fianarantsoa and I will be training again! Way exited for that. This Wednesday we are heading up to Tana where I'll be picking up my next son.... and hopefully we will be getting back on Friday. So when Elder Snow left I went on splits with Elders Monsen and Elder Wilson.

We didn't really get to work a whole lot in my area this week but here are the awesome things that happened. We have been visiting Adonis and Noriana lately, and we have been trying to get Norian's marriage papers finished but as we visit, we noticed that there has been this one lady that is always there. She has started coming to church too. We talked to her to find out that is their sister. We taught her a little more and we set a baptism date for the future.

We are also still  waiting for Roger and Geraldo to return from Tamatave but they should be coming back soon.

One thing we have been doing a lot here is focusing on less actives. The church here before used to be full of around 200 active members. Some stuff has happened since then and quite a lot stopped coming to church. This last week we had three less actives come back to church wanting to be active again. Awesome time having them come back as the branch was ready with open arms to accept them. 

So huuuuge lesson I learned while being here. Don't Be Selfish! The members here always talk about the missionaries and whether they were selfish or not. It comes down to little things like sharing a piece of bread or a cracker with your members help and boom, you aren't selfish. Some Elders in the past were "selfish" and they got nooooo help from the members. And member help is literally everything here haha. They are the ones that know where less actives live, where people that want to learn live, and where members live. Luckily I haven't been a "selfish" elder and the branch helps out a ton. That is how missionary work gets done here is with the branch.

But that's about it for this week. I love this area and I am very exited to get to train again. Just means I get to stay here a little longer haha. But I love the work here and I see the Lord's hand in the work here in Fianarantsoa every day. I am grateful to have the calling to serve here and witness all these miracles. I know this church is true and Christ is the Son of God.
Elder Bowen

So these pictures were taken out in the country side on a boat trip we went on and don't worry it was all approved by good ol President Foote! Then after our haircuts and the last stop was in Shez Dome, the place where we always eat food.

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