Monday, October 10, 2016

WEEK 58 October 10, 2016 two week letter-new investigators-national park

Hello everyone! Sorry for not emailing last week but we were very busy last Monday so we didn't have a lot of time to email! But, the past two weeks have been great!
 So last Monday we went to a National Park called Ranomafana. It is about an hour and a half bus ride from where we were so it pretty much took all day getting a bus, getting into the park, walking around in there, and getting back. It was way cool out there! So you get in and it's like a big jungle. Huge tall bamboo trees and lemurs crawling around. Way cool. Sometimes the guide would take off running and we basically had to chase him to keep up making it way tiring but so fun. Then there were trails but sometimes we would just kind of take off in a direction running through the trees chasing lemurs. Way good time and I'll send some pictures to show it.

But these past two weeks were two great weeks of finding investigators. . So we have a recent convert who hasn't been in town for a while but he just got back and he told us to come over and teach his sisters. Apparently they have already learned for a while from the missionaries and they are ready to be baptized so that was an awesome find. Jerry said he will bring them to church this next week. but we went to them last night and they were super awesome and they ended up feeding us right after so that was great. They said they want to start coming to activities that the church does so yes they are progressing very well.

So then we met this new family as we were walking to a time. Funny thing is that when we were planning the night before I told Elder Snow that we will find a new family to teach the next day. We prayed and asked to be shown a new family and as we were walking I saw a lady sitting outside with her new born baby and her husband. I said hi and she yelled come in! So that's what we did, we went in and taught them. They ended up having some great questions about the prophet. They asked if he said anything about the life after death. So that lead to us teaching about the Plan of Salvation a little bit. Awesome time!

So news on Roger is he has not returned yet and neither has Geraldo... still chilling in Tamatave. but Roger will hopefully return soon and Geraldo should come back at the end of the month.

But it was a great two weeks full of little miracles. We contacted a lot of people that had learned from missionaries before but stopped learning because they lost contact or went away for a while. The branch is also helping out a lot with the work. They have a lot of people for us to teach so whenever we have a spot open up in our program it usually gets filled very quickly. The branch is also really looking forward to watching conference. We should be watching it this coming week but it banks on the missionaries downloading it and getting it into the right format and we tried it last night in the church and it didn't work... but we will get it working by this Saturday hopefully. But I continue to love my mission. Looking forward to conference to get to hear the words of our living prophet on the earth today. I hope that everyone enjoyed conference and got something out of it. Those that seek the answers to their questions will find the answers plus more! ...and conference is an opportunity every six months to receive answers to questions and prayers! I know that to be true. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Bowen
Chasing lemurs!

National Park


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