Monday, February 20, 2017

WEEK 77 tsara be ny satroka; Shared my scriptures, Book of Mormon investigator questions great!

Another great one! Well not a whole lot happened this week except for the answer to our prayers!!! We had some great times this week and we had some investigators get confirmations from the spirit on the truthfulness of the church. 

We have had this family that was tracted into before Elder Lingani and I had even gotten to this area. The mom had been coming to church for a while but the dad not so much. The dad has been attending more and more and so has their daughter, who is married. We have been talking to the dad about baptisms and he is pretty set on getting baptized, he just wants to wait a little to see how things in the church run. The daughter was totally against it for a while until this last week. So on Thursday we met with them and after the lesson she asked if she could have my scriptures because she wanted to study in the Doctrine and Covenants. So I said yes of course and gave it to her. She brought it on Sunday with a smile on her face and said that she added some marks and that she has questions that night. So when we went over there at night she said, "Why haven't you guys shown me this book until now!" she went through all her marks in the book and showed us scripture after scripture that she liked. After explaining a couple to her she said that she is convinced this is true and she wants to get baptized. She had some marriage problems before that but it just so happens that everything was resolved this last Sunday. Elder Lingani (my companion) said "if this isn't by the will of God then I don't know what kind of luck this is." Awesome family. So we set a date for April! 

We also had this other family that we tracted into a week or two ago. We went and visited them for the second time and they had some awesome questions about the Book of Mormon. Which means they were looking at it when we weren't there! haha We had a good time with them as they were pretty acceptant to there being another testament of Jesus Christ. We are hoping that they read the book a little this week so we can have another awesome time. 

Sadly our awesome family didn't come to church this week but we think it was because our member help couldn't get them as he was blessing the sacrament and had to come early. But we will pray for them to come next week! 

But thats it! I hope everyone has a great week! 
Elder Bowen
                                                              Dinner with Lalaina
                                                              Our matching bucket hats

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