Monday, February 27, 2017

WEEK 78-Area 70 visits- Awesome Stake Conference-Church is truly growing here!

Transfers this week! So Elder Lingani and I were pretty sure we were staying together but a surprise call from the APs came and told us that Lingani is getting transferred! He leaves this week and I'll get my new comp this week. This week was an awesome one. This Sunday we had an area 70 come and talk at Stake Conference. So if you saw the picture with all the missionaries it was from the awesome Stake Conference that we had. So many people came that we couldn't fit them all in the stake center. It was a great turnout and we were even able to find our awesome investigators there in the midst of all the people.

Speaking of our awesome investigators, we had something interesting happen this week. We were going to go teach they this last Saturday and we went to our members house to pick him up to help us with the lesson. When we got to his house he said there was a problem and brought us inside. So last time we taught them the landlord was upstairs in her house and she was on the floor listening to what we were saying. I guess she didn't agree with the lessons and she proceeded to tell them, after we left, that she doesn't want us coming to that house anymore. After he told us that, we went up to their house and sent our member help in to get the father. He came out to us and we talked for a minute. He told us that they still want to learn and asked if we could do it at the members house. They said yes and now we have a set program of learning at our awesome members house. And they also told us that they would keep coming to church which they proved true by showing up to Stake Conference the next day. 

This week I had the chance of going on splits with Elder Blatter. He has been here for about 6 months and he is an awesome missionary. We went out and tracted some new houses in my area and we found some solid people. We even met a family that had known missionaries before. After talking to them we found out they had read the Book of Mormon. They couldn't let us in at the moment as they were about to leave but we set up a return time with them. We are very exited to get to go back to them. 

That is about it this week. To top it off, on Sunday I gave 7 baptismal interviews. The work here in Madagascar is booming. We were so happy to see so many people coming to Stake Conference this last Sunday. Even the members were surprised and they came up to us telling us how this church is truly growing. I am so grateful to get to be here in Madagascar to be a part of this. I hope everyone has a great week! 
                                                        A GREAT Sunday!


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