Monday, March 20, 2017

WEEK 81 COWABUNGA BRO-Elder Lake - church is true!

Hey everyone! So this email will probably be a little shorter! Sadly I got a little sick this week and that hindered the work but this week was still awesome!

On Tuesday I went on splits with Elder Lesch, South African. Awesome dude just out of training. We had some awsesome lessons that we tracted into. Sadly they weren't there for their return times this Saturday but we will try and stop by again on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday I got sick due to some bad meat (that's what I think it was). It tasted good going down but didn't want to stay... yeah so then on Thursday we got the news that Elder Tshetu is getting emergency transfered and I got ELDER LAKE! So Elder Lake and I have been having a great time so far. 

On Sunday we had  a bunch of investigators show up to church. Liva and Tahiry showed up and also our other awesome family. Both on track to be baptized this next month. Then we went out and had some awesome lessons, even though the last one the lady tried to turn it into a bible bash. No no we didn't bash with her but shared the message and mainly focused on the family. Still was a great lesson according to us and we came out with stronger testimonies so successful as always haha. 

Today we went and played soccer and sadly the Elders lost... 

And tomorow we look forward to an mlc with President Foote.  

Mission keeps flying by! But it has been great and only gets better. Teaching lessons where people try to oppose only strengthens my knowledge of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith restoring Christ's church. I love this mission and I know this church is true. 

Pics of the ninja warrior path and us in a taxi going to soccer.
Elder Bowen


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