Monday, March 27, 2017

WEEK 82 Legendary team of Lake, Bowen, and Lalaina!!!

Another great one!

So this week we had some great times. This Tuesday we had an MCL with President Foote. Discussed some things about the mission and what we could do to be more productive. Then after that we went out and taught a family that Elder Lesch and I tracted into while we were on splits. we talked to them and they said they almost didn't let us in because they thought we were J Dubs, common thing here in Madagascar. We had a great talk with them about the church and they said they would love to get a Book of Mormon. Sadly we couldn't teach Liva and Tahiry because of their child being sick and they were at the doctors for a while. 

Then on Wednesday we tried changing our schedule and going out to work in the morning. We taught a family that came to church this last week. Turns out they used to come to church but then they moved. Shortly after that the church was built where it is now, they didn't know for many years it was LDS, but now they do know and they are coming again. So we went out in the morning on Wednesday and on Friday to teach them and then tract.  Sadly we didn't get too much luck in the morning so we will probably return to the usual schedule of working in the afternoon and night time. 

On Thursday we had an awesome zone meeting where we talked about using time wisely, a good skill to have. We also talked about accountability. We mainly focused on chapter 8 in Preach my Gospel. One thing that we have seen with the new change in key investigators is a stronger desire for the work and more love for the people. We are no longer counting lessons, but we are spending the time to get the people to come closer to Christ. A huge change in the work has been seen by us and a lot more excitement for the work.

Then on Sunday we had a cool experience. We went to a time at around 8:00. They weren't there but their neighbors said they should be back soon so we waited. We were sitting outside their house when one of the neighbors saw us and invited us inside to sit down. We talked to her and apparently she was contacted by the missionaries a little while ago but couldn't be taught because no man was available to be present. Luckily she lives right next to a member family so we set up a time to teach her with the family. Even though the people didn't show up, we were right where we were needed. 

Well this week looks to be a good one. We have a zone activity coming up here so you will see some pics from that. But for now here are the pics of the legendary team of Lake Bowen and Lalaina!!!

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