Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WEEK 84-tonga ny transfera-Great Conference! hello Elder Nolan

Well another great week has come and gone. So we got transfer news this last Sunday and as expected, Elder Lake is leaving. It was a quick three weeks but now I'm getting Elder Nolan and it should be another transfer of killing it.

This week was great with General Conference to end it. We went this last Saturday and Sunday to the mission bureau to watch it in English.  Truly was a great General Conference. We noticed that the Plan was talked about quite a bit. Also the great wisdom of our Prophet to read the Book of Mormon. Another great conference! 

This week we started off by working in a new area. Didn't have any programs so we went out and tracted. Found some great new investigators. Tracted into this difficult time which we ended up walking out of due to them refusing to listen to the message. But we went and found some old investigators that were lost and started teaching them again. Kind of the same thing for Wednesday and Friday since we are trying to better split up the program so we went and tracted quite a bit looking for some new investigators and finding them. 

Then, Thursday we went and prepared our people for baptism. We should have a baptism this weekend: Sharon, Kiky, Odette, Clara, and Michaela should be getting baptized this Saturday so we went and continued to prepare them for baptism. All seem really excited to get baptized and all that is left is the baptismal interview.

That's about it for this week. As always, conference strengthens my knowledge of a living prophet on this earth today. All of our investigators were very exited to hear the words of the prophet and sometimes I think we forget the importance of a living prophet who gives us direct revelation from God. 

Elder Bowen
                                                             Tracting with Elder Lake!

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