Monday, April 3, 2017

WEEK 83; Mpamboly coco! Wrong Clara-April Fools President Foote!

Another great one! So today we had the zone activity, but it wasn't just our zone. It was a Tana combined activity so we had three zones. We found this nice indoor place and played volleyball and soccer for two hours. It was a huge change from playing on the dirt field haha.

This week we did not watch conference as we are waiting for the translation but we will watch it this next week. We are getting everyone stoked about listening to the words of a living prophet! 

A couple of changes this week. We usually work in this area called Ambohinjanahary every Tuesday and Saturday but the work is kind of slowing down there so we are changing our schedule to open up a new area called Ampatolampy that is closer to the church in hopes of getting more luck and meeting new people. 

Investigators still are doing great. Sadly we haven't taught Liva and Tahiry in a while as Liva is in Fianarantsoa working right now and she is busy with work and the kids. But hopefully he will come back soon and they will get back on track. Johnny told us he and his family would be coming to church this week but sadly didn't come again. We have a new families coming to church again after a couple of years and they are on track to be baptized. Still a little hesitant about the church but they seem to like being there. And, Caroline comes to church with her daughter and they want to get baptized but she is not yet married according to the law so we are waiting on that. 

So, a weird thing happened over this past week. Last week on Sunday we were going to go to Clara, Kiky, and Odette house. While we were walking, we got a call from "Clara" saying they couldn't learn that day. So we turned away and went and found another program. Then on Thursday we went and visited them and they were mad at us for not coming on Sunday! So we told them Clara called us, yet she denied calling us. Lets just say everyone was confused that day. We just assumed that it was someone else who happened to be named Clara and happened to be taking the lessons. So then this last Sunday we were out working and we got a call from "Clara" saying that they couldn't learn anymore and that we shouldn't go to their house anymore. It was way strange as they came to church that day and seemed to be having a good time. So I asked the lady if it was really Clara and if she was the mother to Michaela (her daughters name). The lady said yes and that we can't come anymore. So of course that didn't sit right with us and we went over to their house. We knocked and they let us in as normal. I asked Clara if she called us and she said no. Then we told them the whole story of what happened and they said that it is someone from Clara's old church who was quite angry when she left. The person was calling us claiming to be Clara and telling us she couldn't learn anymore in an attempt to get us to stop going over there. Well, better luck next time. 

Besides that, we had a great week. We had dinner with Lalaina last night (the guy on the moped with us last week) and it was wayyyy good. Fried rice and chicken. Not your typical Malagasy food. And he made us ice cream haha. Other news is Elder Lake and I are officially addicted to mentos, the fruit ones. 

Oh and we got President Foote with an April fools joke! We told him we accidently hired a realitor to show us houses and now she wants five million ariary. (3000 ariary to a dollar) Right as he started freaking out we told him it was an April fools joke. Then he got us back. He said, "you guys want some early transfer news?" we said yeah of course! He said "April fools boys!" 
Sippin cokes and eating PIZZA with Elder Lake

Volleyball with Elders wrestling in the middle of it!


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