Friday, October 16, 2015

WEEK 7 Oct 16, 2015 Madagascar Bound - By Mom

    The last few days have been quite the adventure for Elder Bowen beginning Monday, October 12. After 53 HOURS of travel he eventually made it to MADAGASCAR!!! Details below...

  At 9:30 am, he left the MTC with 4 other Elders traveling to Madagascar.  One is from South Dakota, 2 from Utah, and the last being his companion from California, Elder Heo.  The group of 5 missionaries boarded a bus and then a train to get to Salt Lake City airport where all the traveling began. Jaxson had prepared us by saying, “Be ready for my phone calls!"  We stayed ready by the phone and kept him in our prayers for safe travels!


Oct 12 9:30am -   Left MTC, took a bus, rode a train, and arrived at airport!

PHONE CALL to Mom and Dad! Everything was fine.  Jaxson was ready to leave MTC and meet the people of Madagascar.  Shared testimony in Malagasy.

Oct 12 3:20 pm - Depart SLC airport to Dallas, Texas (3 + hour flight)

Oct 12th 7:03 pm - Arrive Dallas airport

PHONE CALL  to Linzi and Katelyn.  Everything going well except for terrible headache from cabin pressure. Shared the language by saying a prayer in Malagasy.  Family joined in prayer to ask for relief of headache.

Oct 12th 10:15 - Depart Dallas airport and fly to London, Paris (14 hr 23 min flight)

Oct 13 1:15 -  Arrive London airport  (London time)

PHONE CALL:  to Mom. Everything going great.  No headache at all…amazing!  Bought lunch with traveling Elders and because of currency change, the anticipated $10 lunch was actually $20 each!  Making memories he said!

Oct 13 7:10pm - Depart London airport to Johannesburg, South Africa (11 hr flight)

Oct 14 7:10 am - Arrive Johannesburg, South Africa (Johannesburg time)

PHONE CALL:  to Mom at 10:43 pm.  Susie woke everyone up to gather around speaker phone as Jaxson said this was the last time he would probably get to talk until Christmas.  Headache still gone but they were all feeling quite stiff, exhausted, and spirits were high as almost there!

Oct 14t 10:00am - Depart Johannesburg to Antananarivo, Madagascar (3 hr 10 min flight)

Oct 14th 2:10 pm ARRIVE in Antananarivo, Madagascar!!! (Fresno time Wed 4:10 am)

Pictures from Sister Foote, mission president’s wife announced the safe arrival of Elder Bowen.  The mission secretary also sent a comforting letter of his arrival.  Counting our blessings!  By the looks of it and after a nap, he is ready to serve…


We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Elder Bowen to our mission.  The first photo was taken of his group at the airport and the second at the arrival dinner at the mission home with President and Sister Foote.  Sister Foote takes lots of pictures of the missionaries as she travels around the mission which she posts on Instagram.  You can follow her at.....momfoote.

Thanks for sending us such a great missionary.
Sister Woolley
Madagascar Antananarivo Mission Secretary

These pictures were all posted by Sister Foote the Mission President's wife.

The new missionaries have arrived!

 What missionaries look like after 53 hours of travel!

The five with President and Sister Foote.

The first taste of Madagascar!

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