Thursday, October 8, 2015

WEEK 6 MTC Oct 8, 2015 Last letter from MTC!

  So, this is the last time I will be emailing home from America! Crazy to think that my six weeks is up here! So we already had our last teaching session with one of our progressing investigators and we have just one more with our other one. Awesome to think that it is going to be real from here on out. Conference was so good! First time I have stayed awake for the whole thing! Really amazing talks this time and it was so cool to watch it with so many people. We also had many discussions after which were so spiritual and eye opening. I really enjoy listening to what others get out of talks. The devotionals that followed were really good closers to Conference. First we had Vocal Point come! I got to meet some of them because we were assigned to help set up chairs. They were really good! Then this last Tuesday we had the General Relief Society President, Linda K. Burton, come talk to us. She talked about how lucky we are to have a living prophet. She said
many people don't understand how amazingly lucky we are, and it really made me grateful to have the true living apostles and prophet be a part our true church today.
    Thank you so much to Todd and Kim for the cookies! Super good! We celebrated one month mark this past week! We took out a bunch of our food and had another feast. We had another tie draft which I got first pick again! That was a lucky day. Sadly the Malays left us this last week which made our zone of 5 elders. We all really missed those guys and didn't know why because we only knew them for a couple weeks, but they are all awesome guys that we bonded with. Something funny this week happened to my companion. He went to the doctor because his stomach had been hurting for a while and the doctor told him he needed to take a stool sample! So we got to take a field trip out of the MTC and go to the BYU health clinic. When we went up to the desk to say he was there for a stool sample, all of the people in the room looked at him and some laughed! It was hilarious! Then they sent us to another room and he had to tell another lady, who also laughed haha.
That was great.
    Well another great week. Watched a talk by Elder Bednar called Recognizing the Spirit. Really amazing and interesting. Great talk for everyone to listen to. The weeks just flew by here. Can't believe that it's almost time to go to Madagascar. The Gospel has only been there for around 25 years so they are in the pioneer times. He said the foundation of the church is still being laid there by missionaries. I feel honored to go and lay the foundation of the Gospel for these people. We have talked about what we are really doing for these people and its better than what any welfare program could do. We are doing the greatest service that can be done on this earth. Tiako ny filazantsaran'i Jesoa Kristy. (I love the gospel of Jesus Christ) I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to continue to learn about the Gospel and to continue to share it. I know that our Savior Jesus Christ lives and I am so excited to get to share this news with these
people. I love you all back at home and I am so grateful for the letters and emails I have received!

Guess who got a package!!!! 

Look who thru a container of milk to trash can... And missed!!!!!

 Service Day

New raincoat and package sent from Mom!

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