Monday, February 1, 2016

WEEK 23 Feb 1, 2016 Success with in actives-Croc farm-Working hard

Hello everyone! Another great week! So first off I have pictures from the croc farm now! Super fun time as we fed the crocs bananas and baby chicks... already dead though so its ok.  We asked the people how much to buy a lemur but they wouldn't let us buy one. 
So this week we have really been focusing on less actives. We have been going around with members to find the less actives. We found some and the message we chose to share with them is the Joseph Smith story. We shared how important it was and how if it is true then the church is true, the Book of Mormon is true, and we have the true living prophet today. We are trying to get them to feel the spirit they felt when they heard it the first time and we got one of them to come to church this week! After not going for 8 years! Way awesome! So besides him, we are still searching for the people ready to receive the gospel. We found one family, where the father's mother was a member but died and he never had the chance to learn about the gospel. We talked to the whole family and they all want to learn! yes! People usually walk to get to church  but some take a bus and the lucky ones have mopeds or cars.  I still teach English and there are some people that really do care about learning and they are quite good at it too.  They ask really funny questions though.
This new ward has been soooo great. They feed us all the time and the food is great! Fr hery is the second councilor and his wife baked us a cake last time! One of the greatest cakes I've had in my life. So I will answer Katelyn's question about the juice here. My favorite so far is the ananas (pineapple) but there are a bunch of good ones like corasol and grenadelie, but I don't know what those are in English but it is way good.  Some of the juice is seasonal so I've only had the begging.
Well the work is improving in my area, as we continue to find more and more people who want to learn. Elder tiu is a hard worker and I think thats why we get along so easily haha. We walk a lot everyday and since we are companions its important to get along... together 24/7... but its great!
We have wrestling night here just like at home...and I have yet to lose!
Today we are headed to the store.  It is easy to buy silver here like bracelets and rings.  We are going to go check it out for Pday.
Still loving it here in Madagascar! Love you guys! 
Elder Bowen 

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