Monday, March 14, 2016

WEEK 28 Inspiration!!! an answer to prayer

Another week of greatness! So monday we had Elder Hamilton come! We had a zone conference with him that was very great and helpful. Favorite thing he said was while giving a commitment, anything but yes is a no! Very true.
 So we focused on that this past week with our less active Paul. Elder Knight said will you come to church. paul says oh I will try. Elder Knight says ok good but will you come. Paul says oh I will try really hard. Elder Knight says thats good but will you commit to coming to church? Paul says I don't think you understand, I will try really really hard to come. Really funny to watch people try to wiggle out of commitments but its so annoying sometimes! Just say yes and come! But the last time we were in Paul's house a storm came... a bad one. we sat there for a sec to see if it would calm down enough for us to leave but it only got worse. It was to the point where we couldn't see the buildings 15 feet away because of the rain. And one fun thing about Malagasy houses are they have thin metal roofs. Paul lives on the top floor... so it was the loudest thing I have ever sat through. Constant loud noise that rings your ears. crazy! 
So we have some investigators that are way cool guys. We teach them, and then one of our less actives lives right under them. So after we taught our bomb investigators we went and taught our less active, Mamy. He is wayyyy old and he has done a lot for the church here in Madagascar. He basically connected the church with the government, making it ok to be here. But from that he thinks that he has done enough work for the church and that he is saved for it. Not quite.... and he likes to try and slam us by saying he has already mastered all of the doctrines in the gospel. haha yea false. He got a little frustrated at our last visit and said he will come to the next fast Sunday. We got super happy because he said he would come! And then he said he will come to condemn the members... so this next fast Sunday has potential to be interesting. 
As I have said before we have been trying to work with members in the area. Members are great in the ward but they all live in Elder Lake's area! The few we have are all ballers. The other day we got dogged from a bunch of appointments and we didn't know what to do and I just got the thought of going to the first councelor's son's house. We went and right when we went in and sat down he told us that he has a friend that is interested and wants to learn. Answer to our prayers!!!! Very exited for that but it is just another experience where we see we are guided by the spirit. 
That is it for the week though. Today we are playing soccer with the Malagasies! This week looks to be a good one. Going out to work with some great members coming up. Everyday is a great day of learning, whether it's language, gospel or life. I love my mission and I love this gospel! 
Elder Bowen 

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