Monday, March 21, 2016

WEEK 29 Tranfer to Mahajanga! Ocean Baptism-Shark food!

So I am no longer in Antananarivo.  Last Thursday we were having our district meeting at the place that we always go and eat as a district. We were eating and Elder Lake got a call from President. He runs outside and starts talking to him on the phone. He then comes back in and hands me the phone saying President wants to talk to you.  This was either really good or really bad haha. So, I got on the phone with him and he told me I was going to Mahajanga!!!!!!
So a little about Mahajanga. In the mission here in Madagascar there are three really cool places called the big three. They are called that because they are beach privinces, the work goes amazzing, and there are only a few Elders there. Mahajanga has 4 elders in it right now, me being one of them.  Elder Wootan is my companion and has 1 transfer left.  This place is cleaner than Antananarivo and the people here are easy going.  The church building is a rented building.  We still walk a lot here but not as much since we teach more here since the people let us in.  Some people live far but we ride in these 3 wheeled taxi things and are way fun. The beach is a couple of minutes ride.  Little sidenote, all of the Elders I am with have either 1 transfer left or 3 so they are all very old in the mission. It does not rain often I hear but when it does, it gets super hot!
It is beyond hot here... so the humidity is at about 1000000 percent. You are always sweating so you have to be constantly drinking. We have air conditioning in some of the rooms we visit and that is a life saver! And its not like a little sip every now and then, it's gulping down as much as you can when you can. SO HOT! But, it's on the beach so its great! The language is a little different here but I don't think it will be a problem as i wasn't used to the language in Antananarivo yet. So you either have to fly here or  drive 10 hours, and last friday we drove 10 hours with President Foote. So thats all I can share about Mahajanga right now because I just got here! But more to come...
This week was great since we arrived in Mahajanga, we got to work! So they had three baptisms last Saturday and we were visiting those people congratulating them in what they had just done. It's great how they want to get baptised so badly because they know of the blessings that will come from it and they know its the key to salvation. We stressed with them  that they must endure to the end. Baptism is great but means nothing if we do not keep our covenants and promises with God. tsy maintsy maharitra hatramin ny farany!
Cool food eaten recently....shark! We went and had a soiree (dinner) with a family on the beach and they cooked us up shark! We had rice with shark and cucumber. The family also made us some coconut juice... sooooo good. Learned how to make it today but I don't think it will be as good as the one they made.

That's it from me! By the way, I got one package with some chocolates in it a couple of days ago.  I hope everyone has a great week! Happy Birthday to Carson and Robert!
Elder Bowen 
Bishop Olivier Rakotoarisoa, his wife, and daughter..saying goodbye!


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