Monday, March 7, 2016

WEEK 27-March 7,2016 Ping pong 3rd, Rugby investigator, Zone Conference Elder Hamilton!

Another ONE!  So this week was way good.  Not just good, but way good.  On Monday we had the ping pong tournament where I took third behind Elder Covey at second, and President Foote taking the victory.  President Foote was super good, or we all just sucked but either way he is freakin good!

On Tuesday we went and taught this one less active named Laundry. Sounds just like how you would say it in America.  But, they told us he was a famous rugby player so we were pretty excited.  We showed up and let's just say at first glance, didn't look like a rugby player.  I guess he played for the national team when he was younger.  He had some great questions about the priesthood.  He was talking about how he can't come back to church because of some things he had done, but that led perfectly into a little lesson about the Atonement.  Regardless of how bad we feel or how we may feel that we cannot come back, we can because the debt has already been paid.  But it is important to know that Christ did suffer and die for our sins to give us the opportunity to repent. Then we must use that great gift and complete the steps, and we are clean again.

On Wednesday we had a really great lesson with these three guys. They are the same age as me and seem interested.  We taught them about the Book of Mormon but the best part was that when we came in, they had questions!  Still hard to understand people's questions due to the language but it's great when  they have them because that means they were thinking about our lesson when they left.  Great lesson with those guys but still trying to get them to come to church.

So besides that we did a lot of tracking this week.  We went on splits with the zone leaders and I had the wonderful Elder Yeagly.  We tracked alllllll day long. We got into a couple of awesome discussions, one guy had some great questions of the soul.

Sorry for the short email but pressed for time a little today.  We have a zone conference with Elder Hamilton!  He is a member of the Seventy.  I have to go get ready for that and then take the hour journey to the bureo.  Hope everyone is doing great!

Elder Bowen

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