Monday, June 13, 2016

WEEK 41 June 13, 2016 BAPTISM! more investigators-ate coconut shark!

Soooooooo yes there was a baptism this last Saturday!!!! Our main man Son made it! The baptism was great and then the following Sunday he made it to church. We went to his house after and he had some good questions about the priesthood. He is so excited to finally be baptized and we are so excited for him! But yes the baptismal font was the OCEAN!!!! the Mozambique Channel to be specific... WAY NICE!
So update on the other investigators:
Andry Made it to church yesterday!So we have been currently working on a plan to help him make it to church and quit smoking and both are doing great. He only made it for the first hour last Sunday but next Sunday he says he wants to stay. He is still smoking but he has been smoking less and less. When we started he was at about 15 a day and now he is around 5. We are hoping that next week he can be down to 3.
Then there is Felix. We sadly didn't get to visit with him yesterday because he wasn't home. After talking to Abel we found out that someone died in his family so he is attending that right now.
Fidelicia is still great. We got to teach her husband last Wednesday as he seems to be interested too but cannot learn all the time due to work. But with her, its basically a big review of all the lessons with some questions here and there. and yes, her child is still scared of Elder Cooley and I. Probably cuz he doesnt know us... or maybe cuz we are white...!
Then some new investigators to the pool are Yantra, Julie and their mom. So apparently they have learned before but they never really got around to being baptized. When we asked the mom why the baptism never really hapened she said it was because she was lazy... way nice haha so not an actual problem.
And Christian and Sabrina.... they looove the teaching but have yet to make it to church. We had a really good lesson with them about the Book of Mormon at our last visit. They had a bunch of questions and they have been doing their homework of reading.
Buuuuuuut thats about it for this week. Congrats to everyone getting their mission calls this week! And everyone leaving! And the food for the week is coconut shark! We had Fabrice cook for us this week and that's what he made... soooo good. Everyone have a great week!
Elder Bowen

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