Monday, June 6, 2016


Another Great Week!
So investigators are still doing great. This Saturday we have a baptism!!! Son is finally getting baptized! We are very excited as he has come a long way. His wife was baptized a long time ago but he has had problems with cigarettes. But now he is done! He is all the way off the cigarettes and ready to be baptized. So he is doing great!
Then we have Andry, another one of our star investigators. He is doing good, little problem with the word of wisdom but we are getting that figured out and working on getting him to church. Only problem is he still doesn't have pants! So he is looking for pants to get to church.
Then we have Felix and now his wife! His wife has just recently accepted to being taught and they both want to get baptized. They just have a problem with their marriage papers. They should be able to get them done soon but they have to get enough money to do it. For some reason it is harder to get it done out here than it is in Antananarivo.
Then we have another new person to the pool of great star investigators. Fidelicia is her name and apparently she has been attending church for the past 6 years. She has been taught by many missionaries but she has been moving so much she hasn't had the time to be baptized. But, last Sunday we had a member come up to us and tell us she wasn't baptized. Well funny thing was we thought she was a member for how diligent she was in church. So we started teaching her, and she is already very smart with all the lessons so it's like a big review with her.
So this week we have really been putting emphasis on every one having a Preach My Gospel and everyone studying out of it. I guess everyone has one but when we went to people's houses and asked for it they went and dug it out of a huge pile of papers haha. Then we asked how often they read it and they responded with ahh sometimes haha. So we are trying to get everyone here to read out of it daily. But we cannot be hypocrites, so we are trying to study out of it everyday too! Lots of knowledge in that book and it's so easy to understand! It's great! Well that's about it for this week! Another great one ahead!
Elder Bowen
The Pday hike!

The Snuggling bus ride

Elder Bowen loves this place!

The four Castaways!

Our beautiful SUNSET!
Face painting with clay from hike

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