Monday, September 26, 2016

WEEK 56 Foote's visit - priesthood blessings bring happiness and joy

Another Great Week!
So as some of you may have seen, President Foote came down to Fianarantsoa this past week! He only stayed for a little. He came down, did interviews and then left again headed to Tuliare. When they came down the APs went on splits with Elder Snow and I giving us a good opportunity to meet some new people.  We met this new guy named Yandry. Way cool dude. We taught him the first lesson and Elder Snow and I went back last Saturday and we taught him again. He even has a Book of Mormon now. Way cool dude. He said that next time we meet he wants his wife to be there! Way good time.
But aside from that we got a little bit of sad news as Roger is Currently in Tamatave. We aren't sure when he will be coming back but hopefully it is soon. Then another one of our awesome investigators, Geraldo, is also in Tamatave... so we are waiting for them to return. Also this week Salohy couldn't learn sooooo lets just say this week we got to meet a lot of new people haha. But it was all good. This next week we should have a decent amount return times so we will see.

This past week we were visiting the parents of Bienvenue and we talked with them for a little about their son. They were having some problems with him as he hadn't been home for a couple of days. They were really sad and the father was pretty sick. They were sitting talking to us, telling us their problems, and they asked what do we do? what should we do? I wasn't too sure how to answer that but then the words from my father came to me. This last week he challenged me to ask as many people as I could if they would like to receive a priesthood blessing. I then told them that I could give them a blessing by the authority of the priesthood if they would like it. They gladly said yes and we went to bless the father first. Elder Snow anointed with oil and by the end of the anointing the father, Vaoavy, was in tears. Then I sealed it. By the time we were done he was crying. We then blessed his wife. When we were done Vaoavy was crying and kept thanking us. He said as soon as we placed our hands on his head he felt an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness overcome him. He said thank you so much as now I am at peace. Elder Snow and I left their house in a reverent manner letting what just happened sink in. It was a great and humbling reminder as to why we are here. There are only a handful or people here who can give priesthood blessing and we are both honored to be amongst the few. The happiness and joy that Vaoavy felt is the reason that we are out here. To bring people unto the happiness this Gospel brings. I now know that when people ask for help and I don't know what to say or advice to give, I can offer a blessing. I love my mission and I love Fianarantsoa. I know I am out here for a reason and I know I am doing the Work of the Lord.

Here are some pics from the past week!
Elder Bowen
The children of Madagascar

My District

Crazy District

Teaching time

Tracting time!


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