Monday, November 14, 2016

WEEK 63 Tselatra! Kotrokorana!-lightening storm!

Salama dahole!
Another great week! So this week had some great lessons and time and some slower days but it all added up to be a great week. We are continuing to teach Adonis(our recent convert) and his two sisters, Noeline and Norianne. We taught them the Plan of Salvation this last week and we came to find out that is Adonis's favorite lesson as he kept telling us that and kept bearing testimony of it. But it was a great time talking to them about it. We had a point in the lesson where I asked them to tell us the things that made them happy in this life. Adonis went first and he said that he loved this church. He loved praying and reading the scriptures. Then Norianne went and told us how she loved her parents, how they brought her joy when she was with them. She tied that into the scripture and said that Heaven would be a happy place for her because she is with her Eternal Father. Awesome lesson.
Then this week we went and visited Lala. She is still a little bit new but we have had some great lessons with her. We taught her about the Book of Mormon this week. She had many questions and she was very interested in the book. We took Angelo with us and he was a stallion at explaining the Book of Mormon. We taught her and committed her to reading it every day and she was down for it. Then we went and taught one of our new families. Emma and Diary are the parents names and we also taught them about the Book of Mormon. That lesson was a little more difficult than the one before. They had a harder time accepting it as scripture but they had a harder time accepting that they needed to pray about it to get the answer. We ended up having a very long discussion about it. They were asking question after question not even giving us time to answer but in the middle of the lessons I stopped them. I had them read the writing underneath the title of the Book of Mormon. Testamenta Iray Hafa Momba An' I Jesoa Kristy. Then they got quiet. I told them that yes they have a lot of questions that we may not be able to answer right now but the thing they needed to know was written right there. The book is another testament of Christ along with the bible. All the questions they had could be answered if they read and prayed about the book. Now the lesson changed for a bit as we testified, but after a while they jumped back into the asking questions thing. After a while we closed up and got them to commit to reading the book and praying about it. We are really hoping that they will humble themselves and read the book, even if it's just a little and pray about it. God will answer them. We are very exited to go to them this next week.

So, sadly this week we didn't get to visit all of the investigators and some weren't home, but those were basically the high lights of the lessons this week.

So cool story time! So last night there was a little storm. It was really windy and we could see the lightening in the distance. We went out onto the balcony and watched the lightning. Way cool to watch as it would light up the sky in the distance. But as we were watching it, we realized it was getting a little closer every minute. Then we eventually saw a really bright lightening and it wiped out all the power where we were. So everything went dark, the thunder that followed was nice and loud. So we were sitting there just talking, oh and it was Elder Wilson and I, when lightning struck. It struck the hill right across from us and Elder Wilson and I both saw two huge bolts. But it was a huge flash of light and then darkness and then the thunder came. It was so loud that we couldn't hear each other and we were freaking out. Everything seemed to be shaking and Elder Wilson dove into the house with me following. We were running around the house when we realized that the power had come back on. Then everything stopped and the noise was filled with us yelling about how cool and crazy that was. Way scary but so cool to see the lightning strike so close.

But that's about it for this week. We are looking forward to another great work week ahead!

Mazotoa e!

Elder Bowen

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