Monday, November 28, 2016

WEEK 65 Nankalaza Thanksgiving Izahay

Another Week in Paradise
This week was a little slow... sadly a lot of people were not home for their appointments so we showed up at a lot of empty houses this week. We still had some awesome times! So first off the highlight was the investigators at church. We had all investigators expected there last week, plus Vaoavy's wife! way nice! but other highlights go as follows.

Salohy and Miora are attending church and they have signed up to learn seminary! They are both doing great and the branch is super awesome with helping them and inviting them to activities and stuff.

Lala is really interested now. Last time we visited her she had a lot of questions. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she had questions on questions and the best part is that she got answers! Sadly she is quite busy with her school program but we hope to visit her twice this next week.

Norianne and Noeline are still doing great. I don't think they have missed a day of church since I've been here. Sadly we are still waiting on Norianne to get legally married so she can get baptized.

Fitiavana hasn't been at church in a while but we saw him on Saturday at the activities. He says that he has been kind of busy and that his mom doesn't really like him coming to church. He still wants to come but he says he needs to respect his mother.

Clemantine is doing good. He is kind of a new investigator but he learned before from the missionaries. He is a little slower with the lessons but he ends up understanding. Last time we visited him and his mom was there and she is the nicest lady. She always gives us fruits of all kinds and is amazed we speak Malagasy. She was making fun of her son because he was asking me what words mean in malagasy because he didn't understand. But he is doing good and he loves the missionaries visiting him and always asks us to come back the next day. Awesome dude.

Well some sad news this week as we went to Christian's house last Friday to find out that he died. He has been sick for a while and the last time we visited we could see he was on the final stretch. We stopped by and the lady that takes care of him was outside and I asked her if he was there and she said no, not anymore. She said he died last Wednesday and his family came and got his body. Very sad but the lady said that he was very grateful for our visits and that he is in a better place now.

Oh and for Thanksgiving we went on SPLITS! I went into the north area with Elder Wilson and then at night we went and ate at this nice hotel in our area. Since it was Thanksgiving we got two main dishes. No one understands Thanksgiving so they just looked at us like two crazy foreigners. But I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving! Transfers are next week and I am staying to continue training Elder Passey.  Today is Pday and we are playing basketball then haircuts. 

Elder Bowen
Elder Wilson and I looking over the rice fields


Young Money Ryan - my friend

The "Sword of God" Translation of a Rainbow


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