Monday, November 21, 2016

WEEK 64 Investigators-Baptism-Happy Thanksgiving!

Tena Marina ity Fiangonana ity!
Another great week!

So I'll just jump to the highlight of the week was having three new investigators show up at church yesterday! Jerry's sister showed up, one of our new investigators showed up, and Vaoavy showed up! It was great. And we also had a Baptism this last Saturday.  So we had two boys that recently turned eight and we helped the branch out with getting their baptisms done. It was way awesome too because they called me and asked me to baptize them so that was an honor to do for those two families. Besides that the week was pretty normal.

Norianne and Noeline are doing great. Still attending church and they are on track to get baptized on the 17 of December. Vaoavy is also doing great as we taught him the Word of Wisdom this past week and he has already been living in harmony with it. He has been prepared. But we had some very good lessons with Salohy this week. We are starting to get Jerry very involved with the lessons. So we visited them twice this last week and we taught them the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity. We mainly talked about the answer to prayer. That seemed to be the subject of the week this week. She said that she hasn't received an answer from God yet to know the Book of Mormon is true. So we continued to talk about answers to prayer, how she felt at church, how she felt reading the Book of Mormon and things like that. Elder Passey and I have seen a lot of improvement throughout the past weeks. She is now actively engaged in the lessons and she has questions. She also has a baptismal date for the 17 of December and she reminded us of her baptismal date last night! We were talking and she said that she is still getting baptized on the 17th so that was a great thing to hear from her.

But besides that we had a great week of finding some new people. We tracted into some areas closer to the church and we contacted some referrals. Looking forward to another awesome week ahead.

Oh and we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday! So we have this South African family that loves the missionaries. They will have us over for a meal sometimes and the other day they called us up and they wanted to have a Thanksgiving meal with us. We had some of the greatest food ever. They aren't members of the church but they are strong in their faith and believe in doing good things for other people. We have had very good talks about the church and about Christ and I have seen that they have an absolute love for our Savior. It is always a fun time visiting them.

But that's about it this week! Have a Great Week and Happy Birthday to the #1 Mom in the World! Susie Bowen!!!!

Elder Bowen

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