Monday, May 1, 2017

WEEK 87-miracle - hail storm - doing the WORK!

Another great one! So a lot of great things happened this week! 

We will jump straight to Wednesday. We went back to a return time that Elder Lake and I tracted into and came to find out the dude was awesome. His name is Rafaly. He let Elder Nolan and I in right away and got his pamphlet and it was all marked up. So we started talking to him and he had many many questions. It eventually led us to talking about the Book of Mormon, which I happened to have a copy in my bag meant for another investigator. We talked about it for a while and he said that the Bible doesn't satisfy him due to all churches having one, but having different doctrines. He said he knew the Book of Mormon would solve this and then asked where he could find one. I took it out of my bag and told him I already had one for him. He started laughing and so did we at the little miracle that happened. Then he asked how much it was and was pleased to find out it was free. So we gave him a copy and he committed to reading it throughout this week. Also that day, we ran into some old investigators who invited us to come back. We went back and had a great lessons with them. 

Then on Thursday we had splits with the APs. Elder Lake came with me in my area haha so Thursday we went out to an area called Ambohimanarina where we went to visit Salim. We were teaching him and I noticed in the distance a big storm coming towards us. Salim said it wouldn't be a problem as it would pass right by but I guessed other wise. So as we were teaching I kept looking in the distance and it was getting closer and closer and the thunder was getting louder and the lightning striking closer. After a while we knew it was getting close so we stopped teaching and all looked out at the rice fields next to his house. (Salim has a very high house so it has a great view). The rice patties started turning white, headed in our direction. Then it got to us and we realized it was a hail storm! So much hail came down for the next 20 minutes, and the lightning was insane! But after a while it stopped and we got out of there. Still was a great lesson by the way...

Then to finish it up we had a great time with Heingo and Liva. We talked about their baptism as they asked when they could get baptized. So we scheduled to teach them again during the week and we set a different baptism date with them. We are currently going to be working on getting them living the Law of Chastity as we don't know if they are married according to the law. And, we need to get them living the Word of Wisdom but they are very enthusiastic about this church! 
Elder Bowen
Vaomanga that we ate

                                                                         the hail storm
huge hole that we found. its like 20 feet deep and in a public place...

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