Monday, May 22, 2017

WEEK 90 Fort Dauphin I am here!

Yes we made it for Fort D everyone. So for those who don't know I got transfered this last week on Friday from Ambohimanarina to an area called Fort Dauphin. It is very very south on the island and is located on the beach. I flew down here with three other elders this last Friday and it is beautiful.

The beginning part of the week is always hard and was spent saying goodbies and taking pictures and then here I went out to Fort Dauphin and got to meet a lot of new people. Still don't really know anyone but its been a good time. I am with Elder Hunter and this last Saturday I was on splits with Elder Francom doing baptism interviews so these past couple of days are all mashed into one. I am still a little confused on the area but it's been a good time so its not a problem!

I'll probably keep things short this week as there isn't a whole lot of news besides the transfer. The church is located right on the beach so during church yesterday, I could hear the ocean.  The member are awesome. I live with 3 other elders with my companion being Elder Hunter.  There is another apartment of 4 elders too. Looking forward to hikes and playing on the beach on pdays.  Just need to take care of the bed bugs first!  I was eaten alive on the first night! 
Here are some pics of Fort Dauphin!
The Plane ride there
This is Paradise!
 My new friends 

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