Monday, May 29, 2017

WEEK 91 Beautiful Fort Dauphin-BARINJAKA!

Another great week in paradise!
This week flew by just like last week. We had an awesome week filled with lessons with awesome investigators and recent converts. 

I'm still going around trying to learn everyones name so its hard to write about them right now but there are a few that I remember! We have this dope family and the fathers name is Solo. We just taught them again last night and they know its true... so we are finishing up teaching them the Plan of Salvation and they had so many questions. But, they also had a lot of questions about the Holy Ghost. Well after a while, near the end of the lesson my companion Elder Hunter asked them how they felt about the message and the Book of Mormon. They said they feel like it's true but they don't know a hundred percent and that's why they were asking the questions about the spirit. They said that it is slowly coming true to them right now and this time we invited them to come to church. They are a little busy this next Sunday, but we will see about the Sunday after. 

Also at church we had a lot of investigators and in the midst of them all was a random drunk guy we found on the path. He came up to us and started speaking drunk Malagasy English (which is better than sober Malagasy English) and we ended up inviting him to church and told him we would teach him if he came to church. Well he sobered up and came to church this last Sunday. So hopefully we can find him this week and talk to him a little more.

Last thing this week was the talent show. All the branches here (3) got together and put on a talent show this last Saturday. There was a lot of singing and dancing. Actually all of it was singing and dancing and we, the missionaries, had our own dance for the people. I don't think I have ever done anything in my life that has pumped up a crowd so much as I did this last Saturday. The dance we did was called the Barinjaka and the people loved it. There wasn't one person sitting down hahaha. And, the next day everyone called us the barinjaka elders!!!

Well things are still going great right now. Still covered in bed bug bites but besides that, paradise is still paradise. I'll send you all some pics to prove it. But I know the church is true and it was established on the earth by Christ and restored by Joseph Smith. 
Elder Bowen
This is outside the church window...I can hear the waves at church!
Beautiful beaches in Fort Dauphin
                                                        us Elders! (Jaxson third from left)

My companion, Elder Hunter
                                                           Pday lunch on the beach!!!
                                                              Nightly sunsets to enjoy
   Soft sand


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