Monday, August 7, 2017

WEEK 101 herinandro 6

Well another great week in PARADISE! So I have started saying my goodbys to everyone which has been pretty sad. Unlike past areas I actually know for a fact that I'm leaving haha, so I can get a goodbye in to everyone. We have had the normal schedule with a picture at the end of them. My plans are to fly up to Tana on Thursday where I'll be on splits with Elder Nelson. We don't have a set area so we are going to go around Tana and visit members for a couple of days and probably go on a couple of splits with Elders. Then the next Wednesday, I get on the plane to take me home to America. Flight plans from there are pretty crazy; Tana(Madagascar) to Johannesburg(Africa), Johannesburg to Atlanta(United States). Atlanta to Salt Lake. Salt Lake to Fresno. I think it's a total of 25 or 26 hours of flying! So we have that to look forward to. But, until then, we are still rockin it here in Paradise. We had a baptism this week. Two people got baptized and everything went great!

So then we had a big meeting with our dmb(District Mission Branch) and all the branch missionaries and it was great, haha. They are all so pumped for their callings and they know that we have a lot of work and they are all willing to help out the missionaries. Then at the end of all that they gave me the floor to give my dying speech to them all. Then we took a dope picture as you will see, haha. Well it is sad that I'm leaving but heading onto bigger and better things. I had my last Sunday here so I feel like I have already said goodbye to everyone and now I'm just waiting to leave, hahaha.

My favorite lesson of the week was yesterday. We went to teach this recent convert family and they had a friend that is kind of visiting here. We taught her last week and she was the one asking all the questions whether God answers prayers or not, and stuff. She came to church! We went and taught them again and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She accepted it and eventually committed to reading it and praying about it. Now the cool part was that the recent convert family is still learning and, they were also helping us teach so it was a really good time. They had very interesting ideas on how the devil answers prayers but we will leave that story to another time. 

Well I'll probably shoot another email out next week to warn you all of the coming of Elder Bowen. But for now, I'm loving my last days in Paradise. Usually when I tell people I'm leaving, I tell them I'm going to America. I am going home but I am also leaving my home. I love Madagascar. It is my home away from home. 

Enjoy the pics! Also we went to a huge waterfall last week so here are some pics from that!


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