Monday, July 31, 2017

WEEK 100 Aleo very tsikalakalam-bola toy izay very tsikalakalam-pihavanana

Another great lesson packed week. Elder Allen and I are killing it lately! So not a whole lot of news this week. We got some new investigators this week due to referrals which makes a full program, a jam packed program. It's been great! We are flying from time to time to try and keep up with everything going on. The most eventful days were probably Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we started out the day by going and teaching English in the morning. Let me tell you teaching English makes me realize that I'm horrible at it. If someone asks me a word, I'll understand it and then the more I say it, the more it starts to sound like another language I don't speak. When that was over we went and ate lunch and then got out to work. We started out teaching the normal scheduled people but sometimes took a little longer than they should have, which was alright as they were great lessons. So we were going to attend a baptism for the other area but since we were late we decided to just stay in our area and keep the program going. We went to this one guy that we haven't been able to catch lately and he was there. We taught him and his sister who was there and she was super interested. So that was great! Then Elder Allen and I went on a quest to find these old investigators. The wife came to church and told us to go back to them. We went looking for them last week and didn't find them and the number she gave us didn't work. Then some time this week we were walking to an appointment and a member rolls up in his car (car for work) and offers to take us to the path that leads to their house so we can stop by them to visit sometime. So we saw it the location and this last Sunday we went looking for them. We went up the path and literally it just lead to a thousand other paths. So we were about to turn back and this little girl came up and asked what we were looking for. We told her the name of the investigator and she said ok follow me. She took us right to the house where we had a great time with them. Then after that we were going to make our way to our usual Saturday night time, and instead of taking the normal path our investigator told us there was another faster way and he offered to take us. Well, he was wrong. It actually was longer and we had to perform some American ninja warrior stuff to get there. But it was a good time.There was a spot where we had to climb through a fence, stand on a little stick and jump a solid 6 foot gap over a river. I made it, it wasn't the cleanest landing but hey I made it. Elder Allen got close... he jumped but didn't have the kangaroo legs of Elder Bowen so he got his leg dipped in water hahaha. We eventually made it to the time to where we played some fun games with the kids asking them gospel questions. Let's just say it took them a while to answer right to get the candy...

Then onto Sunday! It started out as having a great day at church. Lots of investigators came, I taught Sunday School to the youth, then we had priesthood. Following that, we had some baptismal interviews for the upcoming baptism on Saturday. They both passed so there will be a baptism this Saturday! Then we had a meeting with DMB and with the branch missionaries. Now we have a great schedule for getting help from the branch missionaries. So after that we went and ate lunch. On our way out we saw this one lady we talked to at this restaurant. We talked with her on Saturday and I told her I would find her, then boom the next day she is hanging out right around our house!!! And, turns out she lives right by us and she had taken lessons before. That was awesome! We went out teaching some of the normal people and then we ran into a rut. So we basically had to choose out of our four times left, the two that we could make it to. Then I realized we were right next to some super awesome members that are also branch missionaries. We stopped by and they were more that willing to help. We went on member splits and ended up catching all of the times and they were defintally times that we needed to stop by.  

In a lot of those lessons I saw a lot of the time we were talking about prayer and the answer to prayer. We had a lady talking to us about trials. Why God sends them, why we need them and so forth. We had some good answers for her thanks to the Book of Mormon. Then she asked how long her trials will last. It got kind of personal for her right there but then it turned to a really good discussion about personal prayer. She said that she gave up on God a while ago because he wasn't answering. I told her he was answering but maybe she wasnt listening. She then committed to learning with us again this next week and she might even come to church this next week. The power of the Spirit was very present in the lesson and you can tell that she felt it. 

Well that's about it for this week. Today for P day, we are going to a waterfall so I'll send some pics of that next week! but for now...

                                                            Beautiful Sunset

                                                      The rope swing we built!

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