Thursday, September 3, 2015

WEEK 1 MTC Sept 3, 2015 Language Sounds like Mumbles..Long Days but Having a Blast!

   Made it to the MTC! They are just giving us a brief time to write! It has been so fun here! I have a really cool companion named Elder Heo (Asian). My district is just me and four other guys all learning Malagasy and going to Madagascar. Our zone is the smallest one here I think, consisting of around 15 people. We all got here on day one so we didn't really know what to do! I was the first into class and it was the most confusing thing I have ever gone through. It sounds like a bunch of mumbles and stuff but it has been so much fun. My P-day's are on Thursdays so you'll have to wait till next week to hear from me. We have had some amazing talks so far. They are really drilling the missionary purpose into our heads for the past little bit. Everyone here is so nice and helpful whenever you need it and the food is pretty good. No one has had any "accidents" yet so we are just waiting for that to happen to see if what people say is true. The days seem really long sometimes, especially in the afternoon when everyone wants to take a nap...We have to teach our first investigator tomorrow...IN MALAGASY! Crazy! We spent like all day trying to figure out what we will say to them tomorrow, which was going well until we realized they will have to respond and ask questions that we won’t understand! Pray for the gift of tongues i guess haha. Well I miss you guys! Having a blast here! Alright I have got to go back to some more learning! Loving this gospel right now and the language has been super fun. Everyone testifies so strongly of Christ and the Atonement and the spirit is felt so strong all the time. Loving it here!

Velano (goodbye) Much love,
Elder Bowen

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