Thursday, September 17, 2015

WEEK 3 MTC Sept 17, 2015 God's Love, Packages, Elder Heo and "REVELATION"

Manahuana ny Fianikaviko!

Things are picking up here in the MTC. So since last time, we have started teaching our investigators with no notes! It's crazy but really cool. We really have to listen to the promptings of the spirit. The language is difficult because all of the words are so similar, like sakafo. If you say it one way then you are saying food but if you say it another way then it comes out to be cat heart... So we have blessed many cat hearts. Also the verbs are strange. Every single verb starts with an m and has a bunch of a's in it. Funny story when we were teaching our investigator my companion was trying to say the apostles were killed (mamono) but he said the apostles were breastfed (manono)! Our investigator started laughing and asking if that was right and my companion had no idea and was like yea yea it happened. Luckily I corrected him haha.

We had a pretty cool speaker this Tuesday. It was the General Primary President! Pretty cool to hear her speak and she told some really good stories. We have been hearing more and more stories about Madagascar from our teacher and he has been showing us pictures which makes us all want to go now! I absolutely can't wait even though it’s fun here. Oh and thank you so much for the packages! It is the best thing in the world getting a package card. And also the dear elder thing messages everyone sends are freakin sweet. Tell Bryson that I love the Rubik’s cube! We have this kid in our zone that can do it super-fast so he loved it and started doing it right away. Last night he did it in 21 seconds! I am staying healthy but others are getting sick.  But, I am still doing good.

So to answer some questions I got, I’ll tell you a little more about my companion. His name is Elder Heo and he is super cool. He did a year at BYU Provo but before that he lived in California! Right by Magic Mountain! Pretty cool. Every time he gets a good idea he throws his hands up and says, "REVELATION!!!" so that's what we do now hahaha. Really awesome to have a cool companion. We hang out a lot with the Malays (other guys in our zone) because they are super cool. I just found out recently that everyone in our zone is a freakin genius! They all have scholarships and things to schools with really good grades and really high scores on tests!

So things have been going really well here. Language is hard but it is getting better. I’ll send some pictures of my district and some of the guys in our zone. Tell everyone I miss them! Love them all! The spirit is felt everyday very strongly. I learn about and feel God's love every day. My testimony is being strengthened in English and Malagasy! It is very apparent that this is the Lord's work being done here. I am so grateful that I get to be a part of it. Fantatro fa marina ny Bokin i Mormona. Fantatro fa ny pamonjy antsika i Jesoa Kristy. Amin'ny Anaran'i Jesoa Kristy, Amena.

Elder Bowen

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