Thursday, September 10, 2015

WEEK 2 MTC Sept 10, 2015 Malays, Bouncy Balls, and Testimony Growing Each Day

Hi Everyone!  Manahuana! Usually we say salama ve? But fahasalamana works too I guess. It has been so fun here! I have a district of 5 guys so that means that it’s five of us learning the language and we all got here the same day! We have a super small district which is very nice and a small zone, also very nice. My companion is super cool! We both like fifa and sports and stuff so P-days are nice. So far we have taught our "investigator" 4 lessons. Three of them were scripted out with what we were going to say written out and the last one... was with only a little note sheet of verbs! In all the lessons our investigator would say things and my companion and I would look at each other like "whaaaat?" because it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard! So we usually avoid or ignore questions. Or sometimes we get a key word out of what he is saying and we act out what we are trying to say. Super funny to watch my companion act out the restoration! I have a
super cool teacher who got back from Madagascar 2 years ago. We call him curious George because he looks like him haha. Oh and the traveling time there is 50+ hours!!!!!!!

So when I first got here everyone would say, “just make it to the first Sunday" and we were like ok, not knowing why. So we made it to Sunday, which seems like yesterday and now I know why. You get your schedule and get into a weekly routine of things and time starts to fly by. The days go by slow and the weeks go by fast. Really weird but awesome because next thing we know its Sunday! Which means Choir and awesome devotionals. So after devotionals we have like a video time, where they show five videos in different rooms, so you get to pick the video you want to watch. Everyone told us that the first thing you have to watch is Characteristics of Christ by Ballard. Amazing talk.

Well I have been having a great time. Everyone is so nice here especially since all the people I’m here with are here for 6 weeks with us. Oh and thank you to Emily and Susie Braun for the delicious treat they sent! I left it out and my district ate the rest of it! Which brings me to the food. The food has honestly been better than I expected. There are some things that you really do have to stay away from or else you better be near a bathroom for the next couple hours... Luckily hasn't happened to me yet but happened to a guy in my district. So funny! Ok so funny story of the week. In our class area and in our residence we are next to the malays. They are here for 6 weeks to. So they all got bouncy balls sent to them and they have exercise bands so they took the exercise bands and launched the bouncy ball to the other end of the hall! It shoots so fast! So then the guys on the other side came out and happened to have an exercise band too so we were
launching bouncy balls back and forth! So funny when people got hit! Luckily I didn’t.

Well I am so grateful to be here. It is nice to get to study the gospel without distractions but then to have a break from that and study the language. My testimony is growing each day because of the spiritual experiences I go through each day. I love it here but also can’t wait to get out into the field and teaching real investigators the gospel. I hope you guys are doing good back at home! Have fun in school Boys!!! hahaha 

Elder Bowen

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