Friday, September 25, 2015

WEEK 4 MTC Sept 25, 2015 Lessons Making Progress, Spirit in MTC, and Shots of Hot Sauce

P days!!!! Love em
So this week flew by. Last Thursday we had a TRC which is basically teaching returned missionaries in the language. Pretty hard because they talk soooooo fast. My companion had another slip of words this week but it wasn't completely his fault. We were trying to describe having a firm or strong foundation in Christ and we forgot the word for strong so my companion flexed and we did some actions to describe strong and the guy said oh this? ….and said the word and we were like yeah, you need to have a naked foundation in Christ... he started laughing and we didn’t know why so we asked our teacher after and he told us what happened hahaha. Good times!

So this week was full of fun things and spiritual things, perfect mix for an awesome week. On Sunday we had the choir director for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir come and talk to us. He is the voice that you hear when General Conference is starting. He was a really good speaker and we sang some songs for him most of the time. My favorite was How Firm a Foundation verses 3 and 7. Very powerful song and they gave us the story behind it which gave it so much more meaning.

We had a lesson this week that went really bad. The whole thing was just horrible. So for the next lesson we wanted it to be super good so we did everything we possibly could to make it an amazing lesson. It was probably our best lesson yet. We said so many things and phrases and words just started coming to my head at the right times. My companion and I were perfectly in sync while teaching and when we left we just started laughing because the spirit was felt so strong. That is what we are aiming for from now on.

So now onto the fun stuff. This week we did the tower challenge, which is eating one of the towers of cereal they have here at the MTC. We did it with only 8 people... everyone had stomach aches the rest of the day and some people got sick... but everyone agreed it was totally worth it. Then when the day is over we would go back to the residence and play a game of hot sauce basketball. We play rounds where if you make it, you’re safe, and out of it but if you miss you go to the next round until there is one loser. When you lose you have to take a cap full of this crazy hot sauce that this one kid got. Now the stakes are up to a spoonful! Luckily I have only lost once but it is the nastiest things to have to take a shot of, only hot sauce... and to finish off the week I finally learned how to do a Rubik’s cube by myself so now my district is obsessed with learning it!

Well, the spirit is insanely strong here at the MTC. Every day we have amazing lessons and learn a little bit more of the language. I am so grateful to be here especially with a mission call to MADAGASCAR!!! Everyone is like whaaaaaat when we tell them where we are going.

Fantatro fa marina ny bokin'i mormona. Fantatro fa ny pamonjy antsika i' Jesoa Kristy. Fantatro fa tia antsika andriamanitra. Amin'ni alalan'i Jesoa Kristy amena.

Much love,
Elder Bowen

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