Monday, November 23, 2015

WEEK 13 Nov 23, 2015 Teaching Investigators to ENDURE

   Another Great One! My companion finally got better and we got back to our regular teaching schedule! We continued to teach Herimael, one of our bomb investigators. He says he loves to learn and the gospel really just makes sense. The last time we were teaching him his family came in and sat in on our lessons. When we were done we invited them to church and they said they all wanted to go! Yes! Best investigator!

     So yes, it finally happened and I got a little bit sick on Thursday so our schedule fell a little. But, it picked back up on Sunday and we had 8 straight lessons after church yesterday! It was great! 
   To answer questions on studying, we study anything personal for an hour. I study in English, as does my companion. Then we have a companion and language study which is us practicing lessons, talking about lessons, talking about the language, etc. There are many things members struggle with here including smoking, drinking, and not married people having kids. There are some really dependable people and some that are really not dependable..which really stinks because some people live so far and we walk everywhere.  

     So this week we focused a lot on enduring to the end. We go and we ask people, what is enduring to the end? And they usually say well being good and following the commandments. Correct! What else? Haha and that's where we start teaching. It's more than just keeping the commandments and avoiding temptation. Its continually strengthening our faith and trying to become more Christlike. no one is ever done enduring to the end. Why do we endure to the end? To get eternal life and eternal happiness! Easy as that! 
  A few other things, they don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here.  Cinnamon bears from Rocky Mountain are something I miss and working there..but still love it here. We've had fun playing soccer for p-days. I'll try and send videos but it depends on the cyber.
Well I still love it here. Great week ahead! 
Elder Bowen

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