Monday, November 16, 2015

WEEK 12 Nov 16, 2015 Stealing Keys, Birthdays, Spiders, and 5 Gospel Principles

Another great week! This week started out slow because my comp has been sick. We got to go out some days and not on others. Investigators are still freakin great. Herimael is just awesome. He loves to learn and says this gospel really makes sense. Mazava be!  We did have a fun time running into a drunk guy. He invited us into his house to teach him and we went in and very soon found out he wasn’t all there... he was rambling on about something and then he turned to me and accused me of stealing his keys! After checking his pockets three times he found them in his pocket haha. Then he got on his knees and begged for forgiveness hahaha. Good time, but he said we could come back and teach his family! So we will try again, next time hopefully to get him sober. He said he wants to learn to stop drinking so we think we can help! That’s about it for lessons this week though. Numbers were a little low due to my companion’s health.

We did have a birthday in our house though... which means flour and eggs which is tradition here! It was elder Tio's birthday and we surprised him in the morning with some eggs on his head and flour in his face! Super awesome! Things are going great although it would be nice to have some chicken noodle soup or something like that.

I am still in the same house and there are these freakin spiders! So we had this big one out our window and I sprayed with bug spray to see what would happen.  So it feel down and one of the elders from our house went and picked it up and started chasing everyone around with it! We learned that these are poisonous and you get bit and you definitely will get sent home for treatment.  That would be awful!

So the lessons this week were mainly focused on the gospel and the five principles of the gospel. I have learned some people look at them as steps: Get faith, repent, get baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and then endure to the end. But the gospel isn’t a check list. We teach them that we must continue to grow out faith. Faith leads to action and we must act on it to grow our faith. Repentance is a continual everyday thing. No one is perfect and everyone makes at least one mistake a day. Then, there is repentance. People think it’s a onetime thing but that covenant gets renewed every Sunday with the sacrament. Receiving the Holy Ghost and keeping it with you! We must continue to invite the spirit so that it can dwell within us, then endure to the end. Doing all the things listed above can strengthen our testimony and bring us happiness. The gospel is so simple and it was made that way so that everyone can understand, even me! Well the people here in Madagascar are amazing! Really do love them! And still healthy so I’m counting my blessings!

Elder Bowen

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