Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 10 Nov 2, 2015 Slippery Mud, Splits, and Conference!

Another Great Week! Madagascar has been great. So something that happened this week that was super awesome was splits! I went on splits with Elder Nelson!!! And he was one of the guys in my group in the MTC so he was as new as I was! Since it was in my area I had to remember where to go! After walking around for a while we eventually found our appointments. We had some awesome lessons and it was a great time to get to see how much better I am at the language. We taught one of our awesome investigators, Herimael, and he was helpful with the language and patient with us. Really accepting to the gospel.

We got to watch conference! I had already seen it but it was a great review! Oh and I finally got my books from the book binder here. Now I have my Book of Mormon bound in the Madagascar flag colors! This week we taught a total of 19 lessons! It was great! We also went tracking and we got some new investigators! I have been dogged quite a lot lately but there are always others to teach and who are ready for the gospel!

Well, I know the gift of tongues is real. When Elder Nelson and I went to teach people they told us we were really good at Malagasy. I know that they were being nice but after realizing we just taught a lesson in another language we were like Sweet! We are mahay be! Our investigators are great. We have some people that just have to wait until they get marriage papers figured out, and then they can be baptized. Sometimes that can be difficult but if they really want the gospel then they will make it happen.

Anyway, I am great! It sure rains a lot here and the mud can be slippery and luckily I have those waterproof shoes. There have been some really hard times but I just feel even better after them!
Fun thing this week was our water went out. It hasn’t been working since last Friday night so no showers since then and today is Monday!  Hopefully we can get that fixed today so we can have fresh showers and water again.

I hope you all are having a great time at home! Love you!

Elder Bowen

 The first picture is the town I am in.

 The second picture is of a members daughter.

This is part of our area. See that orange road going horizontal? Look past that and those houses are in our area too! taxi's don't go out there. We walk a lot.

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