Monday, November 9, 2015

WEEK 11 Nov 9, 2015 Bomb Investigators, Language Getting Better, and P-Day at the ZOO

Another Great Week!
So this week started off with us teaching as we normally do. We taught some of our bomb investigators. What makes them so awesome? Well, they keep their commitments! We have this one investigator that reads every pamphlet and reads in the Book of Mormon and prays and he is great! He comes to the lessons with questions. He says he loves the missionaries coming because he loves to learn.

As the week went on, Elder Schroedter got sick... and so did another elder in our house so I have been going on splits for the last two or three days. It is awesome to get to see other wards and how they all kind of work in different ways. Although they function differently, the focus is still on Christ which is what it's all about. So the elders and I went on splits. This week were Elders Tio, Becker, and Covey. The zone leaders went on splits with us so that’s where Covey comes in. It is nice to go on splits to see different styles of teaching and to see new people. But it also isn’t because I love my people in my area!

The language is coming along.  We have no translators here but luckily we have Malagasy Book of Mormons. Some areas don’t even have that.  Some houses are really small here.  The floors are either dirt or concreate, only very few have week floors. We have been having a lot of rain here.  It is a cold rain with a little wind but the clouds are awesome though.  Last week we contacted for 5 hours and it rained the whole time….so cold.  We often drink warm or hot water since we have to boil it.  The juice here is still soooooo good! Like crazy good!  Every week we have investigators that come to church.  We have one missionary who is Malagasy, then from California, Texas, Colorado, and Utah.  We usually get about 25 lessons a week, but we shoot for 30.

So another cool thing that happened this week was teaching the young women how to make brownies from scratch. Whenever we go to a soiree (a dinner appointment which is once a week maybe) we bring brownies and the young women’s president was like how do you make these? She said that no one knows how to make these so could you Elders come teach the young women? We said yea sure! But bring some non-members! And they did! It was awesome! So we taught how to make brownies AND we taught a lesson!

So to close off the week, something huge happened... I saw lemurs! We went to this zoo today and right as we got there we saw some sweet lemurs in a cage. Then we turn around and there were lemurs in the trees!  no cages! They came up to us and we fed them a bunch of bananas. Then the lady that works there walked around with us and we got to hold some sweet lizards and snakes! It was awesome! Great p day!

Well I hope everyone has a great week! Studying the scripture is the best and time goes by so fast when I do. Love you guys!
Elder Bowen

Just me and the guys living with us. These guys.

 Father-son lizard on the head pic! 

The lemurs are nice as long as you are nice to them! 

Feeding the lemurs.

Teaching the Young Women and investegators to make brownies.

My companion.

Spiders the size of a hand. Bunches of them everywhere.

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  1. Awesome pictures! I'm loving sharing in your experiences! You are the best!!