Monday, December 21, 2015

WEEK 17 Dec 21, 2015 The Plan of Salvation and Herimael

  I'm still alive! Another great week! We had some great days and some hard ones. We had a day when we only taught one lessons because no one was home!!!! And we had another where we taught 8 so the days here really vary, haha. We had some great lessons with Herimael preparing him for baptism. We had the baptism interview and he rocked it with our zone leader. Then we went and talked with him and he was unsure if he wanted to get baptized this Saturday, or if he wanted to wait for his wife so they can get baptized together. We talked with him a couple days later and he decided he wanted to wait a couple of weeks for his wife. Suuuuuper awesome though because that would be an awesome experience for them. Then Yohans dad might want him to wait a week because of Christmas so if that happens then we will move Olga back a week with Yohan.

     So this week we have been talking a lot about the plan of Salvation. Knowing the plan of salvation is so important. It gives us purpose in this life and when we know it then we know gods eternal plan for us. We focus on the three questions in lessons, but usually one of the questions will make a lesson. The center of the plan of salvation is the atonement. Without that then there is no plan. In Malagasy the atonement is the "sorompanavotana" which means the redeeming sacrifice. It was christ's sacrifice for us so that we could have redemption. It is the most important part in the plan of Salvation. 
     Well I hope that everyone has a great week and an even better Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone! 
Elder Bowen 


The emails haven't been sending out consistently so, for any you might have missed feel free
 to play catch up! December 13th was a favorite, link below!





And we didn't get pictures from Elder Bowen this week, 
but here is a photo from another missionary serving right there in Antanarivo!
Check out that bridge! We're looking forward to asking Elder Bowen if he uses them too.

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