Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WEEK 18 Dec 27, 2015 Christmas

tratrany krismasy daoly! Great Christmas! Skyping was awesome! So for Christmas we went to the mission home for a party with the missionaries. We had a feast with pancakes, eggs and fruit. It was super good and a nice change from the usual food we eat. Then we had a Christmas message from one of the senior couples. It was about Christmas and how lucky we are to be in the service of our God and Savior in this season and not about thinking about home or thinking about the things we usually do on Christmas. It was really a great message and its true. We are so lucky to get to share this message of Christ on the day that we celebrate his birth. Then we had some games and activities.
After that we went home and started to prepare our Christmas dinner... so for dinner we made some mashed potatoes, gravy and what was the last thing? ….a Christmas goose! We went and bought a goose, carried it home and then killed it. The Malagasy that lives with us prepared it and then we cooked it. It tasted super good and was really fun!

 The rest of the week we just tried and made up for the lost time while at the party. We had some great lessons with investigators and herimael's wife started learning. She is doing great with the lessons! Well I just want to thank everyone for all the Merry Christmas wishes and a big thanks to Linzi and Mom for all of the pictures! Today for Pday we plan to play soccer and then go shopping.

Love you guys!

Elder Bowen

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