Monday, December 7, 2015

WEEK 15 Dec 7, 2015 Thunderstorms, Banana Bread, and a Baptizem Date for Herimael!

Another great one! This week flew by! So it started out great. We have the new guy I contacted named Tahiry. He has been super awesome and has been asking questions during lessons and reading the things we ask him to read. Our last lessons with him, Thursday, we were teaching and everything was going great and then this random guy walked in and sat down. He was quiet for about a minute and then he just went off (rude). He started calling us the anti-christ(rude). devils(very rude). and satan worshipers(super rude). He just kept going and going and Elder Schroedter said we aren’t here to fight and that’s why you are here so we have to go now. We left and Tahiry walked us to the door and he said he would like to learn this next Tuesday if it’s alright... yes that’s alright! Great guy and his wife has sat in on a couple of lessons. Then there is Herimael... baller! He is a year older than me.  He came to church again and brought his wife again! We have a baptism date with him and he said he wants to get baptized he just needs to ask God... I think it will be a yes from Him hahaha. He has been super awesome with the lessons and going to church this whole time. We have some other investigators we met with this week and they are progressing, just a little bit slower. We teach a man named Mendrika and his wife, Tsanta (santa!) they are open to the lessons but his parents forbid him from getting baptized. Hopefully things will work out though.

So something great that happened this week was we ran into these people that make this super good banana chocolate bread. We asked them if we could buy more from them and they said sure! Come get it tomorrow! We went and got three loafs and they said here is our number so you can call us for more! Soooo yea that’s what I eat now... all the time... also made some mac n cheese from the cheese Elder Bassett left us... super good! We've also been eating mashed potatoes and gravy a lot more.

Today for Pday we walked (a very long walk) to see if our suits are done.  I picked cool lining.  Well they were not done so we walked back and that took the day.  Maybe next week they will be done.  I have received any packages yet.  There are cool puzzle's here called hanayama.  Some are really heard.  They have a lot of these little store things you just walk up to and there is some food and random things you can buy.  There is this one big thing called a Shopwrite and its like a Wallmart.  Here there are lots of animals like cats and dogs, a lot of people have ducks and chickens in my area though…..saving them to eat!  I wake up really early because the sun shines into our room really bright at 5:30 am.

Other than that things have been going smooth here. The rain has started to come and the lightning is insane! We had a couple of days where it just came pouring down... rough but also felt nice! It is common to see lightning bolts every day. Elder Schroedter and I were down by the rice patties and we saw the lightning strike! And then immediate thunder. Craaaazy cool stuff. Loving it here!

Elder Bowen


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