Monday, December 14, 2015

WEEK 16 Dec 13, 2015 Twenty-Seven Lessons Taught and a New Suit!

Great week this week! We got a buuuuunnnncccchhh of lessons this week. 27 to be specific and 9 new investigators!  Awesome stuff! But hey who is counting? Us because we are missionaries, easy question! So we continued to progress with our investigators and they are doing great. We found this one family and we taught them for the third time this last week and turns out it was like three families there! It was like 12 people we were teaching at once. When we were done they asked if we could teach them next time at this other place so that the rest of the family could learn. Of course we would! Awesome people. People are usually excited to hear what we have to say but they sometimes forget or don’t understand.  The problem is getting them to church though.  The church is kind of hidden so we have to just tell them where it is and hope they can find it.  We can’t pick everyone up so we just have to hope the others make it.  Language is still tricky but it’s coming. 
This week I remembered those times Dad took me out of school to a movie.  I remember my favorite movie was Star Wars III!  I remember you told me we were going to the dentist and then we showed up to the movies!  I loved it!
    So something we have been doing this week is preparing people for baptism. We are hopefully going to have three at the end of this month. One person in specific is this boy named yohan. His mom is a member but his dad isn’t and his dad doesn’t get why his son needs to get baptized. We talked with his mom and she said she wanted yohan to go to his dad and tell him he wants to get baptized and she wanted yohan tell him the reason he wanted to get baptized. We showed up the next day and yohan said that his dad said yes and he could get baptized! We went out and told his mom and she didn’t even know! She was suuuuper happy, as were we.
    We also contacted a bunch of people by telling them we teach English on Wednesdays and that it’s free! People see us and either speak French or English, well they try to speak French and English. They say they need to learn and we tell them that there is a class on Wednesday and sometimes they show up! haha great way to contact people! Glad you are getting snow there in the mountains.  People here don’t even know what snow is! 
So something funny this week was the service we did.  We helped these ladies carry these 70 lb sand bags and mine had a hole in it!  I got my shirt super dirty and sand all over myself.  We work too far away from our house so we didn’t want to travel back and waste time washing off so we went the whole day all sandy and dirty!  It was hilarious!
    Weird food of the week was this weird chalk stuff. It looked tasted and felt like chalk and then when you crunch it up in your mouth it turns to clay... nasty stuff... On the other hand, there is a picture I sent of leche which is a fruit that you can peel the outer skin and eat the middle.  Pretty good!  Also pictures of the beauty of Madagascar and of my NEW SUIT!!!  We finally got it and I really like what I picked out.  There is also a picture of our Thanksgiving feast!  And yes, the best is the heel kick picture!
    I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Bowen



 New suits

Here is a picture of a leche..half peeled..they are super good! 

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