Monday, February 29, 2016

WEEK 26: 6 month mark(bump week!)-teaching the gospel-ping pong 3rd place!

Another great week! This week Elder Lake got his trainee so goodbye to the trio, but Elder Knight is way cool so its still fun! This week we had some really good lessons.
We have this one less active member named Paul. He was baptised a really long time ago and didn't come to church since 2008. Since we have started teaching him he has come to church twice but he is still skipping out some weeks. We went in to teach him and planned on sharing a spiritual thought and telling him to come to church, but once we got in there we started talking about his parents. They weren't members and that made him a little sad how they werent baptized. We changed it up and talked about temples. It's a hard thing to get to the temple because the nearest one is in South Africa and they have to get the money to travel if they want to go to the temple. But we stressed the importance of it and if they do all they can, then God will provide a way. 
All was good until we went to this one guys house. We taught him the gospel and he just wasn't ready to receive and hear it and he tried to cast us out in the name of Jesus. Nice try buddy! He kept saying there is one true church, where we agreed, but he and his wife are members of different churches. We asked him if he would pray about what we were saying and pray to know if what we were saying was true. He said he would not, because he has already received an answer. So that was a very fun lesson. After that, we went and taught this other family that we found the other day. Had a good lesson with them about prayer and then we just started talking to them. We did some Malagasy riddles with them and then started talking about food. We asked them if they have eaten all these things like dogs and cats, and then we asked them if they have eaten lemurs. They said yes and they actually have one upstairs right now. Not believing them, we called them out and they said ok come on up. We went upstairs and they had a lemur just chillin there. So yes, some Malagasies have lemurs as a pet. Not sure how legal it is... but whatever, way cool. 
So nothing too much more happened. We went on splits with the ap's this week and Elder Glazier came with Elder Knight and I. Way fun split where we pretty much tracted all day. Yes, we did find some families and went to visit some already, and now have return appointments with the others this next week. Everything is still going great here. Language is still improving but it is getting easier and easier to talk. Still loving Madagascar! 
This Wednesday if Bump Day which means I have been out serving on my mission for 6 month (already!) I got another package finally!!!!. Love it all, the taco seasoning, jello and stuff. Today for P-day we have the best ping pong tournament ever!  I will share the detail next week.
Elder Bowen 
6 month (bump) and his shirt still looks white!!!! 



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