Monday, May 16, 2016

WEEK 37 May 16, 2016 Miracles

Another great week!
So we contined to teach our ballin investigators. We have Andry who is literally on the fast track right now. We taught him about the gospel last week and he literally understands everything! He gives us examples of what things mean without us asking. Then the same thing with Gregoire. We taught him the law of chastity and the word of wisdom and he was telling us why it was so important. Felt like I was the investigator in there. But, they are both doing great right now. Still have trouble attending church but hey, there's always next week...!
We continue to teach Felix who is dope. Sadly his bajaja broke but he came to church and then we taught him later at his house. Since his bajaja broke we were walking back from his hosue when we met this one really old french guy. Now usually we don't really like to be with those guys as they are here for not the greatest reasons... young malagasy girls. And we can't understand French so that is a barrier but we are always nice when talked to. This one came up to us on his quad and started talking to us in French. We responded in French even though we don't know how to speak French (little confusing I know) and then he started to speak in English. He wasn't the greatest at English but he was nice. We were trying to talk with him and he wasn't quite understanding so Elder Cooley asked one of the Malagasies on his quad, there were 3, if they could translate for us from Malagasy into French. Then, he responded in malagasy to us! Turns out he is good at Malagasy because he was born here and learned Malagasy. He then invited us to his hosue whenever we wanted and he went on his way. Way cool experience!  Then a semi truck drove by and they offered us a ride so that was a little cooler... haha basically it was like going off roading in a semi truck and trying to proselyte. Way fun!
Then we went over to Son's house where we are getting ready for his baptism in two Sundays. He has completely stopped smoking! Miracles!!! We had a good talk with his wife, who we call our 'malagasy mama', as she was baptised some time ago. She is sooo happy for him that he has stopped smoking and he is now ready to get baptized. She went on to tell us how she loves WWE and can't go to bed without it and how she was sad because John Cena died in the WWE world or something. always finding out fun things...
The last miracle of the week was finding Christian and Sabrina's house. Elder Wootan and I tracted into them a little bit ago and the last time Elder Cooley and I went looking for their house, we got lost. But I was determined to find the house this time so last Saturday we prayed for guidence and we were able to find their house with ease.
That is all the news for this week. We have a  fun activity with the branch today. 
Way exited for Weston leaving on his mission!! Hope everyone is having a good time at home!
Love you all!
Elder Bowen

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