Monday, May 30, 2016

WEEK 39 Great investigators-Study New Testament-Banana $-I ate BARRACUTA

Great Week! So update on investigators!
So we have our baller Felix. We went to teach him last night and we taught him the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. Basically in the middle of the lesson he said, "Elders I understand it. I am currently smoking cigarettes and drinking tea. I see that this is important and that I need to stop to get baptized. I will stop today!" yeah that took us by surprise. Way cool! So usually we sit there, talk about it, and build a program with them to stop smoking cigarettes. Then we set a date for them to stop. But he said he wants to stop now so he can get baptized. Way cool. Then we found out that he and his wife aren't legally married. So we talked with him about it and he asked us what he has to do to get that done. Sadly it is a little bit more complicated but hopefully we can get that worked out. But way cool. His wife has had a change of heart and she says she wants to come to church now. Nothing better than getting the whole family to church.
So then we have our other baller Andry. We already have a date with him and we just have to get him to church. He still wants to be baptised but we told him he has to come to church. Sadly he has no pants (a problem here) so right now he is working towards getting pants to come to church.
Christian and Sabrina are doing great as well. They are the family that Elder Wootan and I found but I couldnt find the path to get back to their house. We prayed about it and we found them! And they are doing great with the lessons! They have some great questions and they do their homework! Literally great.
Then besides them we have a couple of new investigators we found this last week so we will see how that goes. Then we had a couple this week that we dropped. Very sad to drop people but sometimes people just aren't ready. This week my studies have mainly been in the Bible, in the New Testament. I have been focusing on reading about Christ and his works here. We all know about the stories of Him healing people and raising from the dead and stuff, but it is very personal to sit down and read about it and actually picture Him doing this. Then through that, I see what I want to do and what I need to do to try and become more like Him.
But funny things for the week. Last Saturday Elder Cooley and I were coming home and we took a bajaja (little three wheeled taxi things). Right before, we were having dinner with a member and they gave us five bananas each to take home. So when we got out I jokingly asked the guy if I could pay with bananas and he said yes...! We thought he was joking until he took the bananas and drove off...
That same night we were in bed when we heard all this screaming and stuff. It sounded like a riot and we kind of freaked out. But then we went to look and people were all outside watching the finals of the champions league. Apparently they went to penalty kicks and that was the reason for all the screaming. But man, there was a lot of people. Then to end it, off I ate BARRACUTA! yes! The fish that ate nemo's brothers and sisters. I ate that! And it was way good! That's about it for this week. I hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Bowen

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