Monday, August 22, 2016

WEEK 51 Literally going so good - motocross tournament

Another great week!
So this week Elder Snow and I killed it here in Fianarantsoa. On Tuesday we just had a normal day but that was the day we went and taught Christian, the drunk contact. We went and he wasn't drunk and he was ready to learn. Awesome time! We taught him the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith, and the whole time he had a bunch of questions. He has had a way tough life and we really explained to him how the gospel could help him. The only problem is he has very little money and the money he does have he spends it on beer. So we are currently helping him with that. He really does have the desire to be baptized so we went and set a date with him to get him baptized and to help him stop drinking. 
On Wednesday we went to Bienvenue to go teach his parents. Really nice people but I'm not too sure how much they understood... a little old but they said they wanted to start praying with their son since he is leaving on a mission soon. Right after that we went with Bienvenue and he gave us two referrals! Took us straight to two families that wanted to learn. Awesome people! We have return times with one but the other said that they are a little busy right now with school but that they would try and make a time with us in the coming weeks. 

We continue teaching Noriana and Anitah and they are set to get baptised on the 10th of September. Adonis, the brother, is currently helping us every Sunday with our lessons. He is way funny but a little hard to understand... but some good news is our old investigator Roje returned and we taught him and his son Novey this last Saturday. Then the next day Roje showed up to church and stayed the full three hours. So this next week we will hopefully be setting a bapt date with him but he has a lot of questions so we will see. 

The cool thing that happened this week was right in the little valley next to our house there was a motocross tournament or something so they had a big track set up and stuff going all day. Then Saturday night and Sunday night there were big concerts literally right outside our house too. So we could hear the music from anywhere in the house haha. It was a good time! 

Well that is about it for this week. This area is literally going so good and I am so grateful for my opportunity to work here with these awesome people and this awesome branch. The mission is great and will continue to be great. I hope everyone has a great week this week! 

Elder Bowen
Awesome kids!!!

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