Monday, August 8, 2016

WEEK 49 I am a father!-Son Elder Snow-Love the people-Love Madagascar!

Training!!!! yes so I just went and picked up my young son ELDER SNOW last week in Tana! And Elder Monsen got Elder Wilson! So most of this last week was spent in Antananarivo and in buses but here is the story of the journey...
So last Monday Elder Monsen and I were preparing to head up to Anstirabe on Tuesday. The plan was to go to Antsirabe, the town a couple hours south of Tana, and we were going to go on splits and head up to Tana Wednesday with the Antsirabe elders. But on Monday we got a call from the good ol assistants with the news that we had to change plans and head strait up to Tana the next day. So with that we went to the bus station and bought new tickets. So since we had time before, we had way good seats going up to Antsirabe. We were also going to be in one of the bigger and faster buses. But since we changed it we got new tickets to jump into the little slow Mazdas... luckily the guy let us get the front seats but Elder Monsen and I shared the front seat for the 11 hour drive. So the two front seat spots equal about one seat haha so we were basically cuddling the whole way. And to top it off we had a really old driver who had a strange love for these Malagasy hymns. Yeah they aren't the greatest. So when he first turned them on I was joking with him saying these are bad songs. He didn't think it was that funny... so he made sure that we had it turned up nice and loud for the whooooole ride. Every time he got out, I turned it down and everytime he got in he turned it up... so yeah that kind of drove me insane. But we arrived in Tana and went on splits in Mahamasina. Then came Thursday and we had zone conference! Way awesome! So we had the zone conference and then we had the training meeting. When Elder Snow went up to read who he was with I leaned over to Monsen and said, "this one is mine" and boom I was right! We got together and on Friday we headed back down. Luckily they sent us with a driver so we wouldn't get to ride the bus. But it was a lot faster with a driver than in a bus so we got lucky with that one. Just some normal fast work days after that.
Yesterday we went out working and we had Adonis the recent convert come with us. The whole time he was with us, he kept telling us how much he loved going with us! He kept saying, oh this is great and now I can get ready to go on my mission! He was awesome!

One big thing I saw this week was how much I really love these people. Leaving here for the trip to Tana felt like leaving home and then coming back, felt like coming home. Going to church after coming back felt great. The members here are family. They are just so awesome to be around and they all love going out with the missionaries. And with the new guys they just take them right in like they are family. I cannot say more that I love these people and they are truly converted people with burning testimonies. I now see why the importance of taking members with us. Adonis bore the sweetest and powerful testimony yesterday when we were teaching Genette. The church here is truly growing and I am so grateful that I get to be here helping it grow and being a part of it. I love my mission and I love Madagascar.

Elder Bowen

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