Monday, August 29, 2016

WEEK 52 August 29, 2016 TSY MAHAVAKY LOHA

Another week in paradise. This week the branch had an 'activite' in this little city called Ambalavao. It's a small city just outside of Fianarantsoa. Leaders had a youth conference out there and invited us so we went! But we just went Tuesday and came back that night. While we were out there they did missionary work! They all got dressed up, took pamphlets and spread the good word. So there is not a church in Ambalavao and no members out there but the goal is to get one started. So when Elder Snow and I went out there they took us to some of the people that seemed really interested and we taught. It is a way cool town, kind of in the middle of no where but that's pretty much all of Madagascar. But after that, the week was normal. We had a sick day but don't worry it was nothing major. 

So Noriana and Anitah continue to do great. They go to all the activities and are always at church. They are on the right track to get baptized coming up here. We taught the word of wisdom and they completely got it and turns out they have no problems with it. Literally ready to get baptized. So while we are at their house I will teach them a phrase or two in English and they teach me some in their language... which is a dialect of Malagasy that is way weird! So when they get going you can't understand a thing haha. But they are awesome! 

Roje and Novey are still great. In our recent visits we have been teaching the Plan of Salvation. The first question went over smoothly but then we talked about why we are here. Novey had quite a lot of questions with that. The spirit was insanely strong in the lesson and we were able to answer his questions. We left them with the homework of reading the Book of Mormon! We have really been stressing it with them lately. Everything is true if the book is true! haha but Roje is doing good with it. Everytime we come by he is reading the pamphlets or reading the book. He always makes it to church and he is askin for a calling... yeah he is pretty ready to get baptized as well. 

So sad news of the week is with Christian. He didn't show up to church last week and when we went and stopped by his house he wasn't there. We asked his neighbor and she said that he said he was going home. We aren't too sure where he lives but its not in Fianarantsoa. Apparently he had a really rough day and drank a lot of beer and then just decided he needs to go home. So he left. Our member help said he could just be drunk and he will return but he hasn't returned yet so he may be gone for good. Really sad news! 

But good news after that is our new investigator Geraldo made it to church yesterday! He came back from Tamatave this last week and he made it to church. Awesome dude. But that's about it for this week. Elder Snow and I made some bomb mac n cheese this week followed by meat balls so needless to say we are eating like kings here. But things are going great here in Fianarantsoa. Oh and tsy mahavaky loha is the motto for this transfer. Kind of means no concerns but direct translation is not breaking my head. Kind of a nice way to say I don't mind and we find ourselves saying it a lot because we are just trying to have a good time haha. Till next week!
Elder Bowen

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